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The new MacBook Pro performance to meet the "professional" users? Sohu, science and technology [Technews] science news Apple released the day before the new MacBook Pro according to the specifications actually has three models, including 15 inch top models, the general version of the 13 inch, and a positioning is actually closer to MacBook Air, Touch Bar is not equipped with low-end models. However, whether the performance of MacBook Pro can convince Pro users to spend at least 11488 yuan to start it? According to Apple’s official website information, the 13 inch MacBook Pro (with Touch Bar), using Intel six generation architecture Skylake dual core Core i5, 6267U type 6287U, or Core i7 dual core 6567U, Intel for laptop and other mobile devices provide the "ultra low power" version is slightly about the Core series is the most low-end of the U series "low end products". Although the Intel on the pen level Core i5, 6267U and 6287U is close to the top gauge, but it is not the preferred choice for the performance of the user, but rather to consider more energy consumption factors. The new MacBook Pro (with Touch Bar) a total of two. (Source: Apple) in addition, and is still in the sales of the previous generation MacBook Pro five generation Broadwell i5 (5257U), new MacBook Pro processor upgrade a generation efficiency, double the level, but the Skylake processor on the one hand, currently in use is listed as early as 2015, September, October two, the seventh generation of Kaby Lake series U already has launched in September this year, the update period may be in between the first and the second quarter of 2017, the MacBook Pro current Skylake U, looks really not what attraction. As for the 15 inch version is equipped with four core Intel Core i7, including the 6700HQ 6820HQ 6920HQ three models, Intel classification, performance rating for "high performance chip", than the 13 inch U series high a level, but also the top gauge six generation Intel Core laptop processor the. However, in addition to the next generation of Kaby Lake imminent, 15 inch MacBook Pro alone was also as in the past is a weakness, only with the AMD Radeon Pro 450455460 Intel HD Gra newspaper, collocation相关的主题文章:

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