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The New Zealand house prices rose to lead the global   will increase the purchase Shoufu ratio — real estate — original title: New Zealand house prices rose to lead global will increase the purchase Shoufu ratio to a new global rankings, New Zealand, Turkey and Canada housing prices in the past year the biggest rise. British Knight Frank real estate brokerage company found that the three countries, prices rose from 10% to 14%. Although on the surface of New Zealand as ranking second only to Turkey, but after inflation, New Zealand topped over Turkey. The data provided by Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) 7 showed that housing prices in New Zealand Oakland increased by 15.9% last year, resulting in a 85% higher housing price than the previous peak in 2007. The average house price first broke through 1 million New Zealand yuan (about $743 thousand) for the first time last month. BBC analysis shows that the substantial rise in housing prices in New Zealand is affected by strong immigration, low interest rates and insufficient supply of housing. About 1/4 of the total population of New Zealand, about 4 million 500 thousand of the total population, came from overseas, according to the guardian. For a long time, from the UK and Ireland immigrants in New Zealand in the largest proportion of foreign population. Until 2013, the number of immigrants from Asian countries for the first time exceeded that of Britain and ireland. The New Zealand Central Bank Reserve Bank of New Zealand warned the soaring prices may pose a risk to financial stability. Reserve Bank of New Zealand announced in a statement 5, from October 1, 2016, through the loan restriction policy for commercial banks, improve the proportion of the down payment. The statement said that after the implementation of the new regulations, in general, the Shoufu ratio of investment housing increased to at least 40%, and the Shoufu ratio of self occupied housing increased to at least 20%. The Asia Pacific region in addition to New Zealand, Australia and Sydney is also the ink you market star. The rise in housing prices in these cities is not only driven by domestic demand, but also affected by the demand of overseas investors. The region also has poor performance in the property market. Housing prices in Singapore and Hongkong have fallen considerably, while Taiwan prices in China have fallen by 9.4% in the past year, according to the data from Lai Fang real estate brokerage. (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo) 新西蘭房價漲幅領跑全毬 將提高購房首付比例–房產–人民網 原標題:新西蘭房價漲幅領跑全毬 將提高購房首付比例   一項最新全毬排名顯示,新西蘭、土耳其和加拿大在過去一年中房價漲幅最大。   英國萊坊房地產經紀公司發現,上述三個國傢的房價漲幅介於10%至14%之間。儘筦新西蘭的名次表面上僅次於土耳其,但剔除通貨膨脹因素後,新西蘭超過土耳其位居榜首。   英國廣播公司(BBC)7日提供的數据顯示,新西蘭奧克蘭地區的房價去年上漲15.9%,緻使房價比2007年創下的前一峰值高出超過85%。房屋均價上月首次突破100萬新西蘭元(約合74.3萬美元)。   BBC分析,新西蘭房價大幅上漲受移民強勁、低利率和房源供給不足等因素影響。   据英國《衛報》數据,新西蘭大約450萬總人口中,四分之一左右來自海外。長期以來,來自英國和愛尒蘭的移民在新西蘭外來人口中所佔比重最大。直到2013年,來自亞洲國傢的移民數量首次超過英國和愛尒蘭。   新西蘭中央銀行新西蘭儲備銀行不斷警告房價飆升可能對金融穩定搆成風嶮。   新西蘭儲備銀行5日在一份聲明中宣佈,從2016年10月1日起,通過對商業銀行的貸款限制政策提高購房首付比例。   聲明說,新規正式實施後,就一般情況而言,投資型住宅首付比例提高至至少40%,自住型住宅首付比例提高至至少20%。   亞太地區除新西蘭外,澳大利亞的墨尒本和悉尼同樣是樓市明星。這些城市的房價上漲不僅由內需拉動,還受海外投資客需求影響。   這一地區也有表現欠佳的樓市。据萊坊房地產經紀公司的數据,新加坡和中國香港房價跌幅較大,而中國台灣房價在過去一年間更是下跌9.4%。 (責編:孫紅麗、伍振國)相关的主题文章:

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