The old man ready to eat and found the wallet lost young girl enthusiastic help-sorpack

The old man found wallet ready to eat the young girl eager to help "I didn’t know that young people today are so love, help me to buy food to buy water, give me the fare home, I really felt indebted forever." In October 27th, the villagers Li Chengsuo home in Taoyuan Village, suburban town of Linzhou city to call reporters, hope that through this newspaper to a warm-hearted girl to express gratitude. The 65 year old Li Chengsuo, a few days ago in the evening, he was in a restaurant near Linzhou City Road and vibration Temple Street intersection to eat, meal only to find the wallet, had no choice but to leave the restaurant. A young girl sitting on the table he saw Li Chengsuo sat for a long time but not a meal out, feel right, then quickly come out, ask why Li Chengsuo sat for a long time not to order again, in the family or what the difficulties encountered. Li Chengsuo to the young lady said own situation, the young girl turned into a restaurant, bought a bottle of water and a hamburger to Li Chengsuo, asked him to eat something first. "People who not only bought me food, but also from the body to dig a 20 yuan let me when asked where I live, travel, if not she personally sent me home. Before leaving, she deliberately gave me her phone, let me have what they call her." Li Chengsuo said excitedly, good hearted people to help him, but he did not even know the name of the well intentioned people, really want to thank her. October 19th, the reporter contacted the phone Li Chengsuo mouth good people – qin. In a conversation with reporters, Qin said the day and the old man. The 18 year old Qin Tiantian worked in a store Manicure. The day after work, she and her friends to dinner to the home near the restaurant during the meal, found an old man at the next table with other guests are not the same, sat for a long time did not eat it out, Da Ta is not the elderly people living in the vicinity, and then went out. "It was dark, I saw him standing on the outside, and age is big, the heart is soft." Qin Tiantian said, the old man did not worry about money to return home, she put 20 yuan on the left to the elderly, their contact information is left. When the reporter once again conveyed her gratitude to the old man, Qin said with a smile: This is really nothing, I just do what I should do, who will come forward to help a." (Anyang Network – Anyang Evening News)相关的主题文章:

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