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The perspective of real estate information underground industry chain: content to the nearest house Xinhua news agency, Guangzhou 31 October Xinhua: hundreds of thousands of information, accurate content to the building housing area — Perspective of real estate information underground industry chain, Xinhua News Agency reporter Sun Fei, Europe Austin hill in recent years, all kinds of mobile phone harassment information to people, of which the largest number of be pestered beyond endurance. Including the selling, decoration and mortgage information. The day before, Shenzhen police crackdown remediation special action on information harassment, 9 alleged violations of citizens’ personal information, send information to disturb the normal life of enterprise and related personnel of the criminal detention order, and shut down more than 200 telephone harassment. The police investigation found that the companies involved, including several one hundred thousand citizens cannot explain the real estate information legal sources, content or even accurate to the owners house number, area. For illegal disclosure of personal property information, sale, use, has formed an underground industry chain. Dozens of people were detained, involving violations of personal information of citizens and the violation of Public Security Management Punishment Law recently, who lives in Nanshan, Shenzhen Tang is often a number of unrelated telephone harassment. Sometimes received more than a dozen ‘do not decorate’ phone, very annoying. But because the work needs and can not shut down." Let Mr. Tang doubt and worry is, "I just bought a house, how can there be so many companies know I want to decorate it? Who in the hell is it?" Such as Mr. Tang was a lot of people harassing phone calls. Recently, the Shenzhen police to carry out special actions to combat harassment harassment. The survey found that the city of Shenzhen Moumou letter industry investment Ltd. Shekou branch in Shenzhen City, Kang Capital Management Limited, a Shenzhen Real Estate Trading Co. Ltd. Cuizhu North Branch 9 companies were suspected of infringement of citizens’ personal information, send information to disturb the normal life and other criminal facts. The 9 companies in the scene, the police seized more than 1 million personal information of citizens, including hundreds of thousands of accurate property information, companies can not reasonably explain the source of information. In Shenzhen, Moumou letter industry investment Ltd. Shekou branch as an example, the police found the aircraft Tianyi garden, Gangyi, Mountain Water Margin century ten small owners in the field, including the owners live several, several buildings, house number, housing area, the owners name and telephone etc.. I usually send the owners information in the form of EXCEL documents to the company’s salesman, so that they pull customers to invest in business." Shenzhen Kang Kang, deputy general manager of Capital Management Co., ltd.. The document called the "Golden Gulf" has 1527, the document called "sunshine Palm Garden" 1512, Wen Dangming "Xinghai City 1526"…… Police investigators rough estimates, from Wang somewhere distribution of property owners information about 40 thousand. This information is stored in a computer Wang Shenzhen boss folder. Some industry insiders said that the property owner’s information was influenced by some investment companies, decoration companies, real estate intermediary "favor", many new owners just buy the phone is ringing off the hook, quite helpless streaking. Shenzhen 8相关的主题文章:

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