The plot reversal, Samsung issued a statement rumor said the national bank note’s 7 Department of

The plot reversal, Samsung issued a statement rumor said the National Bank Note’s 7 Department of science and technology Sohu – Sohu external burst digital Lv Linxuan after the Mid Autumn Festival the first day of September 18th, netizens exposed to buy their own licensed version of the blue Note7 explosion in Post Bar, which became the first licensed fried Samsung Note 7. Then Jingdong confirmed that through the inquiry, this phone is indeed by Samsung (China) straight supply: according to the phone’s IMEI code confirmation, it should be purchased from Jingdong." After the incident, online and suspected Samsung Note 7 golden country line version of the news of the explosion shed, but after one day, the Samsung Note 7 state line version of the battery supplier ATL (Amperex Technology Limited) said in a statement after testing, found the Note7 inside the cell and the so-called explosion did not fire, but the fire which makes the emergence of external battery a similar explosion burning phenomenon. Almost at the same time, Samsung Electronics also issued a statement on the incident, said the test results show that the product is damaged when the external heating". The two statement did not explain the explosion of the version of the second national gold line in the case of the Note, and the release of the post of second explosions has been removed. At the same time, the national version of the various channels Note 7 is still on sale and no shelf. But the two statements are pointing to the products of explosion is not internal components of problems, but "external heating" cause, but causes or circumstances more specific and no further explanation, which makes the Samsung line Note 7 explosion causes more whirling. Had previously been thought to have the best chance to help Samsung beyond apple Galaxy Note 7 Samsung will be dragged into the mire, "explosion door" also makes the second half of Samsung’s flagship machine lost opportunity 7 sniper iPhone. In the first half of the flagship S7 has been well received by the market, Note 7 did not succeed in the continuation of Samsung’s excellent posture, but Samsung’s nightmare. After a series of explosions occurred worldwide, Samsung announced the recall of 2 million 500 thousand Note in addition to the global market in China, the, the recall costs about $1 billion. Within two days after the recall announcement, Samsung’s market value evaporated $20 billion. But this does not restore the image of the Samsung Note 7, followed by the United States, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Australia and other countries and regions of the more than and 10 airlines prohibited consignment and domestic airport, Chinese has released marked in a prominent location, to remind the user can not be used on aircraft and shipping Samsung Note 7. However, Samsung said China country line version for Note 7 battery supplier and the international version is different, there is no cell defects, so as not to the licensed version of Note7 listed in September 1st the implementation of the recall process. The State Quality Inspection Administration ordered to immediately recall Samsung released before September 1st 7 a total of 1858 Taiwan version Note experience. Samsung’s treatment of the Chinese market is not a large-scale recall of the move was questioned. Consumers did not recognize Samsung’s commitment to Note 7 security, and even further.相关的主题文章:

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