The power big coffee cross-border chat show in Guangzhou science and technology from the media

The power big coffee cross-border chat show in Guangzhou science and technology from the media theme Salon – Sohu automobile Sohu [distance headlamp] November 19th, Chi for the future? 2016 Guangzhou auto show held in Guangzhou science and technology from the media theme salon, the salon car by the Sohu and Sohu of science and technology jointly organized, Sohu and Sohu of science and technology in the car during the show for the first time cross joint. The salon held for the show reported the introduction of cross-border voice, with the Guangzhou auto show officially opened on the occasion, the three cross-border technology depth interpretation from the media big coffee "Heng future" as the theme of the car networking and automatic driving of the current situation and future development, to create a new report from the perspective of the Guangzhou auto show. The total length of 1 hours of the theme salon from the car networking and automatic driving of the two dimensions of the current situation of the development of automotive technology for a more in-depth analysis and research. Sharon invited guests "plum garden statement", "Han Yongxu Zhang Jiangjian," science and technology control "Superman" Luo Chaojun in science and technology from the media field has wide influence from the media Master, then we will detail on the reduction and interpretation of the theme salon. In the theme salon first to talk about the topic is: what will be the future of the car networking will bring changes to the world, the topic of the host and guests from three aspects of the interaction and discussion. One problem: the Guangzhou auto show many brands to bring their latest car system, but for many models of vehicle system is facing a relatively embarrassing situation, choose to use a mobile phone instead of in vehicle systems will still in most cases is the driver, in the end what is the reason caused the vehicle system and the mobile phone the gap? "Science and technology control" Zhang Jiangjian technology "Zhang Jiangjian: vehicle system provides mobile phone content as comprehensive now many vehicle systems which provide information are not perfect, for example, consumers in a hotel, or to find a restaurant, will be more likely to search for the information value of mobile phone APP information than the vehicle system given. Some more comprehensive. "Superman" Luo: the ability to network system operation poor lack of humanity I buy a car last year, vehicle system seems to be the product of the last century, is very difficult to use, control and humanity have very big promotion space. A lot of information and data are required to get online, but most of the vehicle system is not networked, resulting in the car system can do very little, which is why I love the phone more reasons. "Plum garden statement" Han Yongxu: the product experience is not friendly habits difficult to change the short time I think on the one hand is the product experience on the other hand is used, the product experience is now vehicle systems do not fully online services are limited. In addition, most of the vehicle system interface is not so friendly to use, the vehicle system must be fully access to the Internet in order to truly enhance the product experience. The problem is that the use of mobile phones has been around us, but also took a long time, for the mobile phone system is a new car, new things to adapt to the need for a process. Problem two: CarP.相关的主题文章:

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