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Change the force of life extension | bring you a taste of the new Mondeo technology – Sohu with technology of voice interaction, VR, wearable devices such as smart technology continues to rise, our daily life vests, food, shelter and transportation are more or less intelligent technology to influence and change. In October 29th, the new Mondeo car technology grade and geeks Park third cooperation will be invited to such a walk in the forefront of the future intelligent technology industry leader — Ma Yuchi, and we discuss the relationship between how subtle technology and intelligent travel. As in Chinese speech semantic fields ranked first Unicorn & CEO, chairman of science and technology; Mr. Ma Yuchi on intelligent technology and future trends have a unique and futuristic vision, it is these cast a unicorn today in children robot, vertical field, pan entertainment and known as the hammer mobile phone etc. comprehensive extension and industry leading position. Such a deep, intelligent technology is committed to changing the life style of the users of CEO, and how do you think of the new Mondeo car geeks on? As we all know, the intelligence is the core technology of the triangle beast technology, and the car is a particularly good landing scene. Therefore, in the opinion of Mr. Ma Yuchi, the future of intelligent car, car interaction, especially voice interaction is essential. So in talking to the new Mondeo with voice interactive SYNC® vehicle connection system, Mr. Ma Yuchi said: "the generous speech interaction will give people life convenient, because it is closer to the natural behavior of people, and it can make the driver can not hands off the wheel, eyes from the anterior eye, taking into account the safety and convenience in driving. In the relatively busy urban life, when driving to answer the phone, view text messages, navigation, music and other decentralized decentralized too much energy, but also easily cause traffic hazards. SYNC® vehicle connection system through the intelligent technology of voice interaction to solve this situation, only need to "say" you need, the system will provide the corresponding services according to the needs, such as saying "call Yang", SYNC® vehicle connection system will automatically dial the mail list in Yang the phone, completely out of the manual operation, let the hands can focus on driving safety. Equipped with Mr. Ma Yuchi in the new Mondeo car geeks to the venue on the road, Mr. Ma Yuchi has some of his views on the future of smart car field to share with us. He believes that the transition period of driving to no one in the vehicles currently in the intelligent science and technology will continue for a period of time to give people a better experience, this experience is more safe and convenient to assist the people to control the vehicle, but not completely replace the control rights of people. The new Mondeo is based on the consideration of security intelligence, equipped with a lane keeping assist system, ACC intelligent adaptive cruise control, ACS low speed driving safety system and a series of high-tech configuration, to build a comprehensive traffic monitoring network, real-time monitoring and to remind the owners of vehicles moving status and problems, to help the driver more safe and convenient the traffic. In Geek]相关的主题文章:

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