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Pets When you need to leave your dog at a dog boarding kennel, you want to make sure that you have chosen the absolute best fit for you and your pet. In order to do that, you need to ask the right questions, clearly .municate your desires and your dog’s needs and make sure you get the answers you want. Be upfront about any specials needs your dog may have, it will help you find a kennel that is willing to individualize your pet’s stay. The following questions are a good base to start with; you may have some questions of you own to add based on your individual needs. 1. What are your professional affiliations? An affiliation with the Pet Care Services Association (formerly ABKA) lets you know that a dog boarding kennel has a higher standard of professionalism and ethics. You can also check with agencies such as the Better Business Bureau which could have information about any .plaints filed against a kennel. 2. Describe your emergency care procedures. In case your pet gets ill or hurt, at what point does the kennel staff decide to call a veterinarian? Which vet do they will call when your dog needs help? Make sure the kennel staff is made aware of any special medical needs your dog has. 3. What are your vaccine requirements? Find out what shots are needed and what kind of proof you need to provide regarding shots. A reputable dog boarding kennel will require current rabies vaccination, Bordetella bronchiceptica (kennel cough), as well as annual booster shots. Make sure you allow enough time to get your dog to her vet for any shots or boosters she needs. 4. What exactly am I paying for? Some dog boarding kennels charge a flat rate and some base fees on the weight of the dog. Sometimes, there are additional fees to walk your dog, to feed your pet their own food, to administer the medications, and to give any extra attention needed. 5. What types of special care will you provide? Will the kennel administer your pet’s medication? (Note: a reputable kennel will require that the meds are in their original container with the vet’s name, number and instructions.) Will the kennel allow you to bring your own food for your dog to eat during their stay? Will your dog have a ‘going home’ bath before leaving the dog boarding kennel? 6. What will the kennel staff do to help alleviate some of your dog’s anxiety? Are you allowed to pack your dog’s favorite toys, their own bed or blankets? What will the dog boarding kennel personnel do in case your pet does gets over anxious? Most dogs will experience a certain level of anxiety, you know your dog’s disposition and how important this issue will be for you. Some dog boarding kennels may be better suited for you than others if you have a particularly nervous dog. 7. What do you do for social activity and exercise? What kind of playtime will your pet have? How does the kennel staff decide which playgroup they will be placed in? Are dogs allowed individual playtime? How often do they get outside (twice is the absolute minimum)? Make sure your dogs will also given enough down time to catch a nap, relaxation is just as important as activity. Finding the right dog boarding kennel for your dog is vital to ensure that he will have the best care possible. The right one to choose is the one that will be able to suit your individual requirements based on your questions. Once you find a great dog boarding kennel you will be able to leave your dog there and feel confident that he will be well taken care of. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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