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The report Chinese misuse or by remote speculation ability of conflict in the South China Sea original title: the United States reported speculation China delivery of remote delivery capability misuse or will release caused by conflict in the South China Sea [global network reported in November 7th the United States military] "US China Economic and Security Review Commission" 16 report again "Chinese rendering the rapid development of the remote military projection capabilities pose a threat to the surrounding state". An expert said that the annual report of the Committee for long-term view Chinese tainted glasses military development, processing a lot of Chinese threat". Such reports are not conducive to the normal exchanges between the two armies. According to the United States, Washington freedom lighthouse website 5 reported that the U.S. – China Economic and Security Review Committee to draft the annual report will be released on 16. The most striking of the report is "the section of PLA power projection development". The report warns that once China military projection capabilities are fully developed, may cause such as the South China Sea and East China Sea. The outbreak of conflict in the region. "The PLA continued expansion of military transportation capacity will increase Chinese for weaker neighbors the combat capability, taking into account the strategic ability, strengthen the China military special forces and naval vessels, aircraft combat capability and more frequent and more experienced overseas operations, Chinese will be more inclined to use force to protect its core interests." It is reported, this chapter details the remote Chinese in recent years made significant progress in the delivery. Marine expeditionary operations from 6 large amphibious dock landing ship, the new amphibious assault ship composed of 1, and get a new aircraft carrier and advanced missile frigate escort. Marine Expeditionary Force will also be supported by 3 kinds of attack submarines, including nuclear submarines, conventional submarines and do not rely on the power of the air propulsion (AIP) submarines, these submarines have been deployed in the India ocean experience. The report said, in 2020, China will become after the United States and Russia, the world’s third power attack submarine. In addition, the report also said that China is similar to the deployment of the United States C-17 transporter -20 transport aircraft, and the Russian joint production of an improved version of an -225 transport aircraft. To enrich the logistics network, the PLA is also building a new supply ship. The overseas base will also help enhance the PLA’s military projection capabilities, Chinese is being built in Djibouti new port located in the civil military base, Sri Lanka and Pakistan will also help China strategic power projection. In order to provide intelligence and threat monitoring remote army forces, collect, Chinese is still developing global intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, including remote drones, space-based sensors, radar and intelligence gathering ship. Hongkong "Asia Times Online" said, "the U.S. – China Economic and Security Review Commission" suggested that The Pentagon Chinese long-range combat capability assessment, and asked the U.S. to weaken the people’s Liberation Army in India – Pacific Ocean War expeditionary logistics capability. * (Hou Tao) editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章:

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