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Reference-and-Education As the aging population increases, so does the need for CNAs. CNA training programs prepare aspiring CNAs for the career they want to get into. Being a CNA requires technical skill, significant experience and .passion for others. CNA training programs are rising in popularity due to the high demand of CNAs in the health care field. CNAs or certified nursing assistants work under the direction of the nurse and provide routine care to patients. They assist patients in their daily activities such as bathing, grooming, dressing up, eating, walking and exercising. They also check the patient’s vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and body temperature. CNAs must report any changes in the patient’s condition to the nurse. By helping out patients with various tasks, nurses can focus on other tasks that only they are allowed to perform. CNAs can work in hospitals, long-term health care facilities, nursing homes, clinics and private residences. CNA training courses are offered in offline and online environments. One can also get a .bination of both. .munity colleges, nursing homes, hospitals and long-term health care facilities provide CNA training programs. There are also online CNA training courses that use technology such as chat rooms, forums, videos, teleconferences and other online avenues to teach and interact with students. Online CNA training provides more flexible schedules to busy students. Upon .pletion of a CNA training course, prospective CNAs must pass the CNA certification exam of their respective state. The state CNA certification exam consists of two parts: the written or oral test and the skills test. The skills portion of the CNA certification exam requires students to demonstrate their skills by performing a set of randomly chosen clinical procedures on a live model. CNA training courses should therefore teach students both theory and practical application of skills. Students must gain adequate clinical experience in order to pass the state CNA certification exam with flying colors. Training for CNA certification can last about 2 to 12 weeks, depending on where you take the training. Topics covered in CNA training programs include nutrition, infection control, safety, anatomy, biology, chemistry, physiology and basic skills for nursing. The CNA training program will also hone the students’ people skills, .munication skills, observational skills and physical skills so they will be able to provide the best personalized care to patients. CNA certification can open doors to more advanced careers in the medical field. Attaining CNA certification can be a good stepping-stone to a registered nurse. Copyright (c) 2010 Derek Shepherd About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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