The romance of the Three Kingdoms in Mao Zedong’s most respected figures in addition to Cao Cao who-punyu

In the romance of the Three Kingdoms, Mao Zedong is the most respected figure in addition to the core of who is also the tip of Mao Zedong: the most respected figures in the Three Kingdoms of the people of the Republic of China are the people of the Republic of China and the people of the Republic of China, such as the Chinese people and the people of the Three Kingdoms of the world, who are the most. They are considered to be first-class in military strategy. Zhu Geliang unruffled, five Lu an Ju Shu Ping, stable situation. "As the world trend, long, long time" dialectics. "Well, jueshengqianli" Zhang Liang of the Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms Zhu Geliang are relatively well." This paper from the Mao Zedong data figure:, author: anonymous, the original question: "who is Mao Zedong’s most respected figures of the Three Kingdoms"? He spoke highly of Cao Cao, who thought he was "on behalf of the progressive side," and that the Chinese, which Liu Bei had to support, had inherited". The "Three Kingdoms" has always been known for hundreds of years, has been loved by the people. Mao Zedong also loves to read the classical novels, and published a series of unique insights, fascinating, provide much material for thought. Mao Zedong has read the book of romance of the Three Kingdoms since his youth. In 1936 he talks with American journalist Snow said: "at that time, I like to watch the Chinese ancient legends, especially on the story. I have read "Zuo Zhuan", "Water Margin", "Sui Tang", "Three Kingdoms" and "journey to the west"." In May 3, 1938, Mao Zedong against the big 3 two brigade student speech, said he was in Jinggangshan, one day the thought of nouveau riche to go home to see there is no "Three Kingdoms" books, reflects Mao Zedong to read "Three Kingdoms" one of my interest in busily engaged in warfare war environment also did not reduce. After the founding of new Chinese, in a large number of books on the train carrying Mao Zedong out of the "Three Kingdoms" and "Three Kingdoms" is a must. He even read "Three Kingdoms" comics. He also pays attention to the research works of romance of the three kingdoms. Comrade Pang Xianzhi, who worked at his side, once said to me: "after the founding of new China, he has read" Three Kingdoms "more than once." According to Yu Zhanbang recalled: September 1958, Chairman Mao special train tour on both sides of the Changjiang River. "One day, read" Three Kingdoms "Chairman Mao is the car, Zhang Zhizhonghe Luo Ruiqing came in, in his speech, Chairman Mao said:" you are the ranks, no culture, great inconvenience, Sun Quan later persuaded him to study, he accepted the advice, read books, when the commander of soochow. Now our senior officers, eighty or ninety per cent of all ranks, to participate in the revolution after learning culture, they can not read "Meng" the Three Kingdoms "." On April 1959 2-3, "Beijing Evening News" published Wu Zuxiang "on the" Three Kingdoms "(three), Mao Zedong reading, on the side of instructions:" please find the Secretary on behalf of the (a), (two) two, want to see." There are many examples of "Three Kingdoms", the actual division, and retreat, to fight, fight and win, shall, should never be a longitudinal outcome, gain and loss, have to be learned. Mao Zedong learned a lot of military knowledge, knowledge of war. In this regard, he never denied that. In Jinggangshan period, he did not read the "art of war", but read "Three Kingdoms". As a matter of fact, he often quoted "Three Kingdoms" in his speeches and articles"相关的主题文章:

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