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The season to buy second-hand housing fund exposure table: Sina how to bargain with the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The season to buy second-hand housing how to bargain text Journal reporter Zhen Aijun market has entered the current market bargain opportunities demand season, increasing market demand, the prices rise, whether this means that second-hand housing buyers can only passively accept the seller’s offer and leaves no room for? It is understood that in the past August, the Shanghai property market has experienced an increase in volume and price ". According to the Shanghai chain Market Research Department data show that in August Shanghai new commercial housing turnover is 1 million 870 thousand square meters, up 42.2%, an increase of 50.1%; the average transaction price of 42384 yuan per square meter, up 13.6%, an increase of 40.2%. Industry insiders pointed out that in August turnover reason suddenly peatlands are mainly in the following aspects: one is the market of new supply is reduced, leading to conflicts between supply and demand in the market is more prominent. Data show that in August the supply of 398 thousand square meters, a decline of 49.4%, down 48.7%; supply and demand ratio, in August the supply and demand ratio of 0.21:1, the supply and demand ratio further reduced, and the 3 consecutive month in short supply situation. The second is the impact of a real estate intermediary by rumors, rumors said the regulation to tighten policy, leading to market panic buying, such as August 26th to 31 new residential transaction sets have reached more than 700 sets, including 30 new commercial housing turnover reached 1314 units, compared with the daily average of 300 to 400 sets of volume of new homes over 3 ~ 4 times this year, for the single day trading volume second, the highest single day record this year after the "325 new" before the introduction of the March record 24. But the market is not sustainable. It is understood that, although in August by the market rumors caused the surge in trading volume, but the "3 / 25" after the new deal, the Shanghai property market demand has stabilized, so temporary turnover volume does not change the current market structure. At the same time as the traditional peak season, housing prices push plate enthusiasm rising, market supply will increase again, between supply and demand will become stable. Based on the above analysis is not difficult to find, although the property market as a result of changes in supply and demand structure makes the seller take the initiative, but the buyer still has the opportunity to bargain. This is because the current prices experienced a wave of Shanghai market, now at a high stage, need time to digest, so when prices in the "sideways" stage, which provides space for buyers and sellers bargaining. To change the flexible bargain due to the current market with seller’s market characteristics, so the buyer bargain must pay attention to strategy, to enhance the probability of success. Note that the current market decision bargain amplitude can not be too large, because the steady rise in prices in the period, the landlord is expected to be higher, so the bargaining space was not. At the same time for the target also need to bargain on相关的主题文章:

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