The small displacement vehicle purchase tax reduction policy will expire the proposed extension of t

The small displacement vehicle purchase tax reduction policy will expire according to the Automobile Association proposed to extend the China voice of "peak Evening News" reported that from the beginning of last year National Day, so far, 1.6L and the following displacement vehicle purchase tax policy has been implemented in half a year, according to the original announcement deadline expires on December 31st. Seeing half of the purchase tax on the remaining two months, so during the national day, a lot of local small displacement cars have been a big increase in sales. At the end of September 2015, the State Council issued a small car tax preferential policies: for in October 1, 2015 to the December 31, 2016 purchase of 1.6L and the following displacement passenger car owners, the implementation of vehicle purchase tax collection by preferential policies. Unconsciously, this round of preferential policies from the expiration date, that is, the remaining 2 months time. Reporters found by visiting: Eleven golden week, in the end of the business by the end of the sale of concessions, many people rushed to buy the last bus tax preferential policies. Mr. Xu said: "it is certainly 1.6, not the purchase tax reduction, well, this is certainly to consider this. And home, you won’t ask for speed. Home is enough." A joint venture car prices in Anhui, the relevant person in charge told reporters, preferential policies to exit, the small displacement car sales are expected to be greatly affected by a certain extent. He said that the end of our sales will certainly have a certain impact, in fact, our large displacement car sales are still good. Like many of our own car sales is not particularly good, there are 1.6 of the policy can be maintained, the purchase tax is generally about $10 thousand, a few thousand dollars in the purchase tax is still large. In this regard, China Automobile Industry Association has formally submitted to the national development and Reform Commission and other departments, the tax incentives will be postponed. Ye Shengji, Deputy Secretary General of the association has said publicly that the association is currently persuaded the NDRC and the Ministry of Commerce will be included in the long-term planning of the tax cuts. But also with a view, this will cause the market competition order is unfair, insiders said, the small displacement vehicle purchase tax halved concessions, for its own brand influence, and for imported brands and joint venture brands, limited impact. In this regard, the Automobile Association consultant Du Fangci responded: "why should formulate the preferential policies at the time, is to encourage the development of small displacement vehicle. Because small displacement cars in pollution control and energy saving than the large displacement cars can do a little better, there is no unfair problem. A country must formulate their policies according to their own national conditions, tax policy is very beneficial means for the implementation of national policy, the use of tax to meet the national energy saving and pollution reduction, achieve better pollution control, it is a very normal policy." In addition to the fairness of the policy, the effect of halving the purchase tax has begun to be questioned. From the data, as a result of this policy in the fourth quarter of last year, car sales rebound trend, the small displacement car sales increased significantly, October 1st to 20, the total sales of 1.6 liters and the following displacement of 640 thousand and 400 cars, cars accounted for 81.2% of total sales, the rapid growth of the implementation of the policy on the purchase proceeds halved tax cuts of up to 2 billion 500 million yuan.相关的主题文章:

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