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"The snow queen" first exposure stills Pojiulixin single tree epic legend – Sohu   entertainment; "Snow Queen" the first single exposure stills entertainment news media produced by the Sohu golden, national director Yang Yang served as general director of the war epic legend large "Snow Queen" today’s first single exposure stills, starring Dylan Kuo, Geiza, Qiao Renliang, Andy On, Collin Chou (special performance), Wah Yuen, Yin Zhusheng, Winnie, Jiro Wang (guest), role modeling of lead exposure. Still, character modeling exquisite, full of character writing epic. It is reported that the film side in the construction of the "Queen of snow," the epic story of the process, the level of film production level measurement quality. High standards and strict requirements, in order to penetrate into the location selection of scenes, scene structures, art, clothing, props, characters and other various production processes. To Pojiulixin, writing the epic legend! The whole team attack and suspense story previews "Snow Queen" involves many characters, the length of time across 14 years, the fate of the characters and the story is complex and changeable, child heart 100 turn. Compared to the film side before the release of the first poster, the first single exposure stills, collected the idol gods and strength play bone, more fully exposed cast. From the perspective of the four seasons, including the beautiful scenery, beautiful style out of the ordinary person’s facial expression and, each character in the lens to capture the undercurrent, the ups and downs of the fate of their respective characters appeared. Re Yizha "when the flowers are blooming, her smile is corresponding to her" Gu snow firefly "- the simple kind, unworldly spirit girlhood in the leaves. Dylan Kuo’s "Gu Zhaolong" a long, handsome and perfect body to conceal their eyebrows furrowed, thinking and worries. Qiao Renliang plays "Shen Leizhi" the appearance of the perfect side Yan in the well groomed young man, showing a different kind of determination and perseverance. Andy On plays "Han Zhendong" in the Japanese army uniform, look sinister, a gun in front of the mysterious character is hard to fathom. Collin Chou plays "Gu Tiezheng", dashing her smiles, veins bulge, edge as a murderous Senran, suggesting that a war is imminent. Wah Yuen plays "Zhao Taiyi", SAGE-like type, Qianshan bottom sit Fuqin, filling a born hero hero aura. Yin Zhusheng’s "eagle nest Tetsuo" as the Kwantung Army major general, blazing with anger, strategizing, premeditated conspiracy will be staged. Jiro Wang plays "Guzhao pan", somber, fearless to face difficult home. But just as the "gold Xianqiu" wearing a white fur coat, drooping eyebrow dazzling neon apricot, seems to have a say do not say the secret…… It is reported that the play has been invited. The "tiger" knife "Ming Liang battle" won the Hongkong Film Awards in Korea other team checks the role of clothing, design 60, drawing more than 80 pieces of clothing manuscripts, eventually finished 1500. When writing the epic legend in addition to the pursuit of aesthetic impact of complex and varied characters in the epic temperament shaping, "Snow Queen" in the scene construction, each art, clothing, props, characters and other production processes to carry on the pursuit of extraordinary. Challenge the inherent impression of the public, exposing a new chapter in the war of resistance, the courage to do the first person to eat crabs, which is broken!相关的主题文章:

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