The study said the highest lightning temperature of 9426 degrees is the sun’s surface is two times shishangqiyi

The study said the highest temperature reached 9426 degrees of lightning is the surface of the sun two times the original title: the study said the lightning maximum temperature of 9426 degree is the surface of the sun two times the reference news network November 1st U.S. media reported that the nature of lightning is one of the most destructive forces. Although in human history, folk stories and legends about lightning but people inside mechanism to be too numerous to enumerate, this powerful phenomenon is poorly understood, including the relationship between the current and the temperature of the lightning lightning such simple questions. According to the American fun science website reported on October 19th, lightning researchers of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Robert · Moore said: "the basic physical processes such as lightning and lightning triggered lightning spread, is still not completely clear." "We know the basics, but the details are not clear. Therefore, any person who has made significant progress in research." Lightning costs more than $5 billion a year to the United States, causing more casualties than hurricanes. Li Xiangchao, a Chinese scientist who specializes in lightning, said: "direct lightning strikes can cause power cables to melt, causing forest fires, and the high level of lightning generated by forest fires." Li Xiangchao led his team to find a mathematical relationship between the strength of the current and the temperature inside the lightning. The findings were published last month in the journal Science reports. Although about 100 thousand lightning strikes occur on earth every day, the randomness of lightning strikes makes it difficult for scientists to study effectively and systematically. Therefore, unless Norway Thor added lightning research team, otherwise scientists can only rely on their own equipment. Fortunately, this device does exist. It is known as the lightning impact platform, which makes artificial lightning current can reach tens of thousands of amperes. Generally speaking, let the current fuse or fuse the household car is generally far less than 100 amperes, a few amps can be an easy job to do to kill people. Lightning strikes in nature generally carry about 20 thousand to 30 thousand amps of electricity. There is no doubt that the size and environmental factors in the laboratory cannot copy the nature of lightning, but only the current output, the equipment produces lightning can really compete with saul. Li Xiangchao and his team made use of an artificial lightning generating device to create a lightning strike of any size, with a current strength between 5000 and 50 thousand amperes. The artificial lightning hit the highest temperature of 17 thousand degrees Fahrenheit (about 9426.6 degrees Celsius), is the sun’s surface temperature of two times. This creates a new problem – in the case of such a high temperature, an ordinary thermometer will explode. Even if there is no explosion, it can not react quickly, write down the lightning temperature. Fortunately, there is "light" in "lightning"". Li Xiangchao and his team calculated the temperature of lightning by measuring the intensity of light at different wavelengths. They repeated lightning strikes at the same place over and over again, and finally concluded that there was a high correlation between lightning current and temperature. That is to say, the temperature difference between the 1000 amp lightning stroke and the 10 thousand amp lightning stroke is similar to that of the temperature difference between the 10 thousand amp lightning strike and the 100 thousand amp lightning stroke. The result is a lack of.相关的主题文章:

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