The Syrian Kurdish flag hanging disaster a warning in the soil is frivolous-midd-885

The Syrian Kurdish flag hanging "disaster": a warning in the soil is frivolous data figure: September 16th, looking from the border of Turkey, the territory of Syria City, Taylor abiod building hung the flag of the United states. Original title: the Syrian armed opposition with the American flag "disaster" warning tumulosic frivolous the flag of the United States recently in Syria in the flames of war as a bullet". In Syria, the armed Kurdish Democratic Alliance Party raised the United States flag in Syria near the border with Turkey as the base, is the "warning" Turkey army don’t do anything. The Kurdish Democratic Alliance Party and its "people’s protection forces" are allies of the United States, but are regarded by the government as a terrorist organization in Turkey. Turkey’s official media Anatolia news agency reported on 16, the Kurdish Democratic Union party armed a base in northern Syria La province Taylor Abu Jerzy De rose 3 American flag side visible from earth. In addition, this month 2 days, the armed man in a village near the city of season than hang out American flag. Syria armed opposition said, hanging the flag is a "camouflage", make people think that the military personnel stationed in here, so as to prevent the attack. U.S. Department of Defense spokesman Peter · Cook said it is not clear that the Kurdish Democratic Alliance Party armed with the U.S. flag hanging. "As we have said before, we will advise our partners not to fly the American flag," he said. The other officials said the U.S. military has noticed the flag photo appeared on social media is under investigation, while stationed in Syria as a consultant of the special forces will not publicly hang the flag of the United states. (Hui Xiaoshuang)相关的主题文章:

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