The Tiangong two space laboratory in September 15th 22 when the 04 launch (video)-aptana studio

The "Tiangong two" space laboratory in September 15th 22 04 emission data figure: Tiangong two space laboratory and the Long March two FT2 rocket vertically transferred to the launch tower. Gansu Beijing, September 14 Jiuquan Xinhua (reporter Zhang Su) China manned space engineering office deputy director of Wuping 14 in Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center said the mission headquarters is scheduled for Beijing in September 15th 22 when the 04 launch Tiangong two space laboratory. "Tiangong two Chinese" is the first true sense of the space lab, the experimental class and resource class two class configuration, a total length of 10.4 meters, a maximum diameter of 3.35 meters, the sun has a wingspan of about 18.4 meters, weighing 8.6 tons, designed to last 2 years. Wu said, "Temple No. two" was launched, will enter orbit height of 384 km orbit, orbit test. The Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft launch before the mid to late 10, "Tiangong two" will enter a height of 393 km near circular orbit for docking, rendezvous and docking. Wu Ping, No. two launch space laboratories, there are three main purposes: first, to accept the "Shenzhou eleven" visit, astronauts completed the mid-term assessment for resident, life, health and job security and other related technology in long flight crew; secondly, take one day boat cargo ship visit, examination and verification of propellant in orbit adding technology; third, to carry out space medicine, space science experiments and space applications, and maintenance and space station technology test. The reporter learned that, in order to meet the needs of "Interim resident, Temple No. two" of the manned livable environment has made great improvement, ability to support 2 astronauts in orbit, 30 days. The "Tiangong two" loaded space atomic clock 14 applied load, and weightlessness cardiovascular function research and other related aerospace medical laboratory equipment, equipped with on-board maintenance technology verification device, manipulator terminal maintenance test equipment, space science and technology will be carried out trial (real) test. She said, the current implementation of Tiangong two spaceflight system, space applications, rocket systems, launch systems, communication systems and space laboratory system, has completed the comprehensive training, before the launch of the preparatory work has been basically completed. 14 PM, the implementation of the mission of the long march F rocket T2 two has begun filling propellant. Quest "Tiangong laboratory" with satellite: self artifact and guardian angel相关的主题文章:

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