The two sides of a pro 2016 charity party held a mid autumn festival in Beijing –

The two sides of a pro 2016 charity party held in mid – zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in Beijing in September 13, in Beijing (Lv Shaowei) on both sides of a pro 2016 Mid Autumn Festival charity party held in the evening of 12 theatre in Shichahai in Beijing, from both sides of the Strait thousands of compatriots gathered together to enjoy the artists on both sides the wonderful performance. The party to the Mid Autumn Festival reunion, cross-strait family as the theme, a strong cast, a variety of programs, which is Chinese traditional dance and acrobatics, has sung in between the two sides enduring songs. The Taiwan singer, both husband and wife singing duo of Panda Xiong and Yang Yang, known as "little Teresa Teng" famous singer Tong Yao, the famous singer Zheng Xulan and many other artists to participate in the charity show on both sides. The Taiwan singer in Taiwan is known to every family, "the clouds of my hometown" and "three hundred and sixty-five miles" and other popular songs are sung by him in Taiwan and spread to the mainland. He said in an interview with reporters: "see the full moon, and Acacia tim. The Mid Autumn Festival has always been the compatriots on both sides of the love and attention, and in the month’s round Katherine were happy, I am happy in this reunion happy occasion, invited to participate in this charity festival." The event was organized by the Chinese Association of Taiwan compatriots, sponsored by the China social welfare foundation, Taiwan sound magazine. Chinese Social Welfare Foundation Chairman Qi Xuesen said in his speech, as a charitable organization, they are very concerned about the process of the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, charitable exchanges have special support on both sides of the strait. 2015, they set up a two sides a pro fund, the purpose is to practice the two sides a pro concept, committed to the well-being of compatriots on both sides. Qi Xuesen also believes that charity is a communication platform, I believe it has enough charm, let the world are all the children of the Yellow Emperor consciously participate in both sides of a pro public service, together with our compatriots, compatriots closer distance, enhance the affection and the well-being of compatriots. It is understood that the two sides of a family planning a charity fund "and" Taiwan funded "sound" magazine into the island "and a series of public activities, the purpose is to let more Taiwan compatriots understand objectively, and understanding of the mainland, cherish the peaceful development of cross-strait situation, to enhance the cognition of cross-strait common destiny. The United Front Work Department, Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, the central, the KMT Central Committee and President of the association, the National Union of Taiwan enterprises such as the central and state organs, ministries and relevant units responsible person attended the party. (end)相关的主题文章:

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