The typhoon catfish toward the direction of Fujian and Guangdong Xiamen or affected by the storm (

The typhoon "catfish" toward the direction of Fujian and Guangdong Xiamen or affected by the storm current forecast typhoon path shows: Xiamen will be subject to the impact of wind and rain morning news (reporter Ceng Haoran correspondent Qi Xiang) yesterday morning, noon and night Xiamen large temperature difference, the maximum temperature at the station at 31.1 East to downtown, but the minimum temperature is only 24 degrees at night or in the morning. Affected by the northeast wind, the weather is very dry in Xiamen these days. Today is the weekend, this weekend, the weather in Xiamen is very good, in sunny weather, an invigorating autumn climate, the maximum daytime temperature at 31 degrees Celsius, very suitable for travel, but in the morning the night low temperature, large temperature difference between day and night; at the same time, low humidity, prone to dryness in autumn. In this dry weather, at night you can put a basin of water in the bedroom, increase local humidity, so as not to sleep overnight mouth parched and tongue scorched. In the diet should be Ziyin Runfei food is appropriate, can eat duck, lily, tremella, pears and other food. To pay attention to the typhoon news. A wave of flat, wave after another. The seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" (tropical storm level) yesterday morning at 8 in the Northwest Pacific Ocean, the morning of the 8 when the center is located in Taiwan east of Taitung city about 2140 kilometers south side. The meteorological department said, "catfish" will be the speed to the north west direction about 20 kilometers per hour to move, the strongest typhoon intensity level up (45 meters -50 meters, 14 -15 level). 27 days before the expected after landing or grazed in central and southern Taiwan, 28 days before and after the trend of Fujian and guangdong. The "path prediction catfish", has ruled out northward along the east of Taiwan, after it reaching the Taiwan Strait, the future landing sites may have three kinds: 1 in the north of Shantou; Shantou between 2 to 3 West of the Pearl River Estuary of Pearl River estuary. What impact does this fish have on Xiamen? Based on the impact of Xiamen more than 12 typhoons of the historical data query, "catfish" if you walk a size effect on Xiamen, and is the largest, there may be 8 -10 level average wind and heavy rain, more than 100 mm diameter; walk two, will affect small level, heavy rains and 6 -8 winds; walk diameter three, the impact on Xiamen minor. The typhoon path also exist certain variables, but for typhoon prevention, we should be prepared against want. In order to prevent the serious impact brought by a walking catfish "size, recently, please pay attention to the following aspects: pay close attention to the latest information of the meteorological observatory issued a typhoon; cleaning and dredging drainage ditch blockage in the typhoon" Meranti "in the process, to prevent the" strong rainfall catfish "brought by water and water logging; as soon as the reinforcing damaged trees and tall loose items, in order to avoid being blown down in a gale; check flood emergency equipment and supplies. (Haixi morning news (micro-blog)) video: the strong typhoon "malakas" in Japan caused torrential rains to city rainfall recorded the highest since the strong typhoon "malakas" caused by torrential rains, rainfall, Japan is the highest record in >相关的主题文章:

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