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The unique historical and cultural characteristics of the Chinese nation to determine the choice of the road – the new network does not forget the heart, and continue to move forward. General secretary Xi Jinping in the "71" speech, stressed that cultural self-confidence is more basic, more extensive and profound confidence, must adhere to the socialist road China confidence, theoretical confidence, confidence in the system, cultural self-confidence. Cultural self-confidence is the main source of national self-confidence. The unique and profound culture of the Chinese nation determines the choice of road with Chinese characteristics. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, the history, reality and future, the same. The Chinese cultural background, it is a distinctive characteristic of China socialism. The root of culture in history, only the intention to enter the history, to wake up the memory of the past of the nation, in order to draw the power of the history of the play, and strengthen cultural self-confidence. 5000 years the evolution of Chinese civilization, has a long history, glorious and resplendent. As early as 2000 years ago, China ushered in a cultural prosperity since humans have their own written, Confucian "benevolence", "worship of nature", Taoism and Mohism and Legalism "universal love", "rule of law", various schools of acommunity, and different contention of a hundred schools of thought. The Chinese traditional culture, and advocated the harmony between man and nature, the relationship between people and people, advocating harmony, the pursuit of datong. The development of a country, can not have no common ideological foundation; a nation’s prosperity, can not have no common spiritual pursuit. Born in the Chinese civilization in the development of Chinese traditional culture, conceived in the party and the people in the great struggle of the revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture, heritage of the Chinese nation’s most profound spiritual pursuit, represents the unique spirit of the Chinese nation, has become the national confidence emboldened. Look at the reality, think of the future, the history of thinking is a prerequisite. The road to socialism with Chinese characteristics is by no means accidental, the Chinese nation has been different from other nationalities since ancient times. The system design of any country, must be rooted in its own historical and cultural traditions, otherwise it will The climate does not suit one. Our nation cannot copy the development model of any other country, we must respect their own historical and cultural traditions, absorb wisdom and strength from, out of the path of development suited to their national conditions and history. China road of socialism, the Chinese nation is out of 5000 years of heritage in the long history of civilization, since 1840 in the course of pursuing national revival came out, from the Chinese Communist Party 95 years of arduous exploration, constantly in the process of Marx’s China came out, from the new China 60 years out of place in the development of. History is the best teacher! Since the Qin Dynasty, the biggest characteristic of China history is the pursuit of national unity, nation is the unique feelings of the Chinese nation, and it is the heart’s ethical philosophy Chinese value pursuit. Only China to the "state" is called "state", the country and the family can not be separated, a home is the smallest unit of the country, a number of families together is a country, to cure the country to cure the country. The Chinese nation is a big family, unity of Chinese culture determines the development of our nation must have a spindle, 1 billion 300 million people Chinese must have a mainstay, otherwise it will be four points five, lacking spirit of cooperation.相关的主题文章:

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