The United States immigration lawyer in half from the investment bank within 10% equity threshold

The United States immigration lawyer in half from the investment bank within 10% equity investment in the United States entry threshold half from the lawyer suggested 10% equity threshold for Wang Yajie right now, the best time is Chinese business investment in the United States? In October 20th, two Stokes lawyers global board of directors chairman Tang Boli said that at present, the field of infrastructure in the United States, has great development space and opportunities for the future. For Chinese investors, is indeed a very good investment opportunities. The data showed margin SETAR law firm statistics, all inbound investment in the United States, there have been more than 12 enterprises from Chinese. With the overseas investment enterprise Chinese faster and faster, the United States is attracting investors for Chinese. Tang Boli believes that the next step, if the Sino US investment agreement negotiations to achieve substantive results, the two countries can enter more mature stage in the economic and trade exchanges, which also indicates that in terms of investment and the United States can China closer and more broad prospects. Infrastructure investment needs to enhance the living in Losangeles, Tang Boli for the local traffic conditions have a profound experience, after all, here is known as the second place after the Beijing traffic jam. Economic Observer reported that, for California, there are a lot of infrastructure, including roads, need to carry out rectification, or widening construction. However, in the process of investment and construction of related infrastructure projects, to find the right financing and funding is a problem to be faced. Tang Boli said the day before, California has an exciting good news, to open a major high-speed railway, was originally a Chinese is in cooperation with enterprises. However, it is a pity that the project eventually ran aground. He said, of course, not because of non economic problems caused by. This is at least one point, that is, the demand for infrastructure investment in the United States is indeed great, and Chinese companies can actually participate directly in these projects. There are a lot of places in the United States have such infrastructure needs." Tang Boli believes that there is a chance: in the construction process of the construction of a privatization process. There are a lot of infrastructure projects in Europe, such as airports, toll roads, ports and docks, which are often privatized. In the United States, the construction of important infrastructure, such as airports and highways, is rarely privatized. Tang Boli was personally involved in the privatization of the airport and toll roads in the United states. Don wants to see the continuation of the trend, so that there will be more privatization process, will bring more opportunities for Chinese enterprises to participate in investment. A lawyer for the Washington office, trading partner JohnSullivan warned that China enterprises in the field of infrastructure layout in the United States, is a very important point is to know what is your investment objectives, which projects required by the U.S. Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS) approval. JohnSullivan suggested that enterprises in the selection of investment targets Chinese also should be adjusted according to different situations, such as for some to go through the U.S. foreign investment committee approval, to carefully consider whether there is no need to put on相关的主题文章:

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