The villagers said the death of drunk driving butt car from the traffic police team purchased the ca

The villagers said the death of drunk driving butt car black car original title purchased from the traffic police team: the car accident was the traffic police seized black China Weinan daily news (reporter Chen Bing) on May 7th at 8 pm, Pucheng section 201 highway accident occurred, the driver escapes, causing one death. The vehicle’s true identity is the black car, would be in the traffic police brigade parking lot. At present, things have been in the past four months, about how the car is flowing into the community, Pucheng County Commission for Discipline Inspection and traffic police brigade, said: still check. The accident brought a detained "black car" town of Pucheng County Highway 201 east side of the village of Chen Bai halogen was dug renovation, at night without lights, white halogen village was accident occurred in this section. China Daily reporter from the Pucheng County Police Brigade issued by the accident to see: Pucheng County Dangmu town villagers Moumou was driving license of Baoji Shaanxi CB3706 van, along highway 201 traveling from south to north to white halogen village in the village, the villagers walk down Chen Zhuang Zhen Liu an escape, Liu Moumou injured after she died. The second day of the morning, he was arrested at home. After investigation, Moumou was driving without a license, but also drink wine. The accident that the book mentions a Baoji license: the van is not insured and not be examined, is a black car". For the responsibility of the accident identified, Liu Moumou family members did not dispute. In August 15th this year, Liu Moumou in dealing with the aftermath of the accident because of Mr. Right, listen to people say that Shaanxi CB3706 van was detained by police "black car". After asking, in early 2015, the car was not examined, not to buy insurance, Pucheng County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade squadron to detain dangmu. Then, the "black car" is how to hemeimei hands? The car was detained by police last year in August 22nd, Mr. Li Moumou attorney who told the China Daily reporter: this case has come to the procuratorate. About the origin of this car, hemeimei said a person he knew the car was the Traffic Police Brigade squadron Dangmu buckle, the other does not want, he found Dangmu squadron through intermediaries, to 500 yuan to the squadron was long Yao, with a trailer towed the car from the traffic police team back. I think the traffic police team put a "black" bootleg was a result of the accident, they have joint liability in the accident." In the survey, Mr. Right found this car was detained in early 2015, when driving, is Dangmu Town Village Liu son. A material provided by Mr. Ye, in a June 13th transcript, Liu told the story of the car: in 2013, his son working in Baoji, spent two thousand yuan to buy. The car was detained after the traffic police squadron Dangmu, to worry about the car will have to pay a fine, not a car. Mr. right a lawyer after the inquiry found that the car license for the Shaanxi CB3706 car was purchased in 2005, the owners of registered address is Fengxiang County, the car in April 30, 2014 had been de Paul, also not be examined. "After 2005, this car has changed seven to 6相关的主题文章:

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