The villagers unbearable noise kick gravel factory 4 dB exceed the standard monthly awarded 300

The villagers unbearable noise kick gravel factory 4 dB exceed the standard monthly awarded 300 yuan – Beijing, Beijing, Chongqing, September 18, (Guo Jinsheng Yang Yang) a village in Chongqing City, Fengdu County town of Gao Huang because over 85.5 meters away from the stone factory noise harassment, angrily to the court. Chongqing third intermediate people’s court 18 revealed to the media, the case of second instance verdict concluded, making noise the two companies to stop infringement, and joint compensation for a loss of 300 January yellow. The court analyzed and reminded the public that the enterprise can not be exempted from civil liability for pollution permits. The noise nuisance interruption compensation of copyright infringement in Jiangdu in June 2013, the company put into production in a village of Fengdu County town of Gao, mainly in the production of goods such as gravel and cement concrete raw materials. After the Spring Festival in 2014, the dawn of the company in the same place put pebbles gravel production line project, mainly for Jiangdu companies to provide gravel raw materials. The Jiangdu company had noise nuisance and Huang to reach a compensation agreement, the monthly payment of compensation 850 yuan Huang, a family of 5 people, 2014 have been paid 10200 yuan compensation; the company is also the resident villagers group 250 villagers each paid 300 yuan compensation. After the completion of the technical transformation of the company, did not pay compensation. Huang went to court to stop the infringement, and monthly compensation for a family of 5 people to a loss of 1500 yuan. Environmental noise monitoring, exceed the standard 6 dB to 4 dB in February 10, 2015, Fengdu County Environmental Protection Bureau to overdue retroactive environmental impact assessment document, noise emissions exceed the standard on the grounds, to the dawn of the company, the Jiangdu company fined 50000 yuan. Jiangdu company commissioned the two Fengdu environmental monitoring station to monitor the noise of the company. The first monitoring report shows that the company monitored the same day on the western side of the night, the south side noise exceeded 6 decibels, respectively, 4 db. Second monitoring, 5 monitoring stations were set up, from the monitoring day at 17:20 to 21 points with 02 points, 5 points at the same time, monitoring respectively according to the enterprises of different production conditions, found the Huang family on the third floor of No. 2 in noise monitoring points are exceed the standard. Jiangdu, the company believes that the noise generated by its production projects in the scope of its disposal permit limits, and Hwang did not provide evidence of its material or spiritual damage. Dawn company, said the company is handling the EIA document, which was punished in February 2015, the production line to stop the production of pebbles. The court noise and lose the spirit of solatium the court opinion, because direct infringement suffered personal injury and mental damage of the victim can request the infringer compensation, but the environmental pollution tort constitute of others is against the victim of the talent can be perceived by the victim, should I claim. Noise monitoring report, Fengdu County Environmental Protection Bureau, the Jiangdu company and the punishment to the dawn of admission of production will produce noise and other evidence in the trial, the Jiangdu company exceed the standard noise in the production, it shall be deemed to exist noise pollution behavior. Pollution is the environmental protection department in charge of the decision whether the sewage units need to pay sewage management fees and environmental management.相关的主题文章:

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