The winter fresh pumpkin turned Reds step1 color makeup to learn-4000dy

The winter fresh pumpkin turned Reds Step1 color makeup learn lead: red bean color trend has not in the past, the color and beauty in the pumpkin circle stood up. Pumpkin color is similar to orange, but more than a few yellow tone, for a variety of color tone are more friendly, but also looks more personality, walking in the street is not easy to hit the makeup". (source: Ruili nets) pumpkin red bean color trend has not in the past, the color and beauty in the pumpkin circle stood up. The pumpkin orange color similar, but some more yellow, for various shades of color are friendly, but also appears more personality, is not easy to hit the "makeup" in the street, and hair and clothing is also all-match, if you want to upgrade the road in the beauty big coffee, fresh pumpkin color makeup we must learn oh. – chart from the first step makeup makeup part, in order to cooperate with the pumpkin fresh feeling, so that makeup should be thin and delicate. With a soft sponge or sponge puff box to open halo makeup is the best choice, neither brush like leave powder can also ensure that the marks, makeup dye uniformity. If you think the concealer is not enough, also can be in after the completion of the selection of thick texture makeup Concealer Concealer local. The next step of map – eye makeup eye makeup, the first step is to use white or yellowish white matte texture to brighten the eye head, and matt white for the next Eyeshadow primer, so blooming will be more smooth. You can also use oil control foundation instead of white eye shadow, but also can extend the eye shadow durability, so that a small multi-purpose tips we can get up. Brown eye shadow – the next step in the selection of a piece of red brown eye shadow, with a pencil shaped brush dipped in eye shadow powder, gently dizzy the eyes of the outer triangle, can also be appropriate to extend inward, to increase the depth of the eyes. Because the makeup is the overall color of pumpkin color, so even with some of the best red brown eyeshadow, cool shades of eye shadow is not suitable for the makeup style. Golden orange eye shadow – blooming after the completion of preliminary steps, choose a piece of golden orange with pearl eye shadow, pay attention to tone to red brown remained similar with before. With the fingers or flat brush dipped into the golden orange eye shadow shot in the eyelid center, after you can use before blooming red brown eye shadow brush again blooming golden orange and red brown, to ensure the full integration, there is no clear dividing line. Mud color eye shadow color eye shadow map – step mud is used to mix pumpkin a good helper, but also have very stunning effect, so as the whole transition in the appropriate color makeup. Such a super broken goods we must take the opportunity to prepare a piece of oh. Orange eye shadow – step diagram on the eye shadow halo finish, then choose a piece of bare orange eye shadow on the lower eyelid. In the lower eyelid halo can be close to the roots of eyelashes, can also use fluffy brush eye shadow powder covered in silkworm parts, a major trend is the pumpkin autumn silkworm eye makeup oh. Eyeliner Eyeliner you can choose their favorite part according to the inner liner, or the cat eye liner full of playful sense, figure blogger with the cat head demonstration eyes eye liner, for the whole makeup.相关的主题文章:

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