The world’s first super high iron or will be located in Dubai, is expected to put into operation in

The world’s first super high iron or will be settled in Dubai in 2021 is expected to put into operation: super high iron Hyperloop One testing pipeline Sina Technology News Beijing standard time on November 9th morning news, the U.S. super high iron startup Hyperloop One may be in the construction of Dubai’s first super high iron. Hyperloop One CEO (Rob Lloyd) rob Lloyd signed the first in commercial transaction and transportation departments of local said: "Dubai is our first choice, so we will try our best to contribute to this project." Hyperloop One is considering building high-speed rail lines in other countries, including Russia, Finland, Sweden, Holland, Switzerland and the United kingdom. But Dubai is currently in the forefront, the first passenger line may be put into operation in 2021. One of the candidate line from Dubai to the United Arab Emirates capital of Abu Dhabi, a total length of 102 miles (about 164 kilometers), drive usually takes more than an hour. The super high-speed rail will be shortened to 12 minutes. Dubai has the world’s busiest airport, with the aid of super high-speed rail, passengers only 48 minutes to reach the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, minutes to reach the capital of Qatar, Doha. Super high-speed rail interior imagination as a global transportation hub, the construction of super high-speed rail in the UAE is very meaningful." Lloyd said. The principle of super high speed rail is the use of electricity in a low pressure pipeline to promote the train, the speed can reach at least 740 miles (about 1191 km). Hyperloop One in May this year publicly tested acceleration technology, and announced a new round of financing of $80 million. As the world’s third largest port operator, Dubai DP World also invested $50 million to the company, and has been working with Hyperloop One plans to create a super high-speed rail freight, plans to be completed in 2020. The technology is being developed in the United States, but is ready to combine with the UAE’s transport system, and eventually expand to other Gulf countries. "Prove the prototype product first, then plan the feasible idea, and then discuss the financing way and the supervision plan. But we can prove it. This is a display technology that can be shown to the world." Lloyd said. The idea of Hyperloop from Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon, Musk), he did not patent the technique is to hope that through international cooperation will become a reality. (Qiao Fu)相关的主题文章:

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