This fall Tangchaolizai price breakthrough 20 yuan by superposition of rising labor costs-ppbox

This fall Tangchaolizai price breakthrough 20 yuan by superposition of rising labor costs in autumn, chestnut fragrance, Jiangcheng people began to enjoy Tangchaolizai this autumn warm food. The reporter visited the learned in the summer, North and south of the country were cut chestnut producing areas, not only in the amount of new Chinese chestnut can significantly reduce the standard for sugar fried chestnut is also inadequate, resulting in the price rose more than 20%, sugar speculation price has leapt to 20 yuan per catty. The day before yesterday evening, when the people of Hankou in the vicinity of the academy to buy fried rice fried chestnut, found that the price rose 2 yuan: last year is to be able to buy a pound of $seven, but this year it is 20 yuan a pound, and has risen to a price of two." Reporters yesterday from the Hankou Court Street to air along the road along the way to visit, there are nearly 20 selling sugar fried chestnut shop, large opening and sealing plate of chestnut in 18 yuan li – 22 yuan jin. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to Hankou Xinrong village of chestnut wholesale distribution market, wholesalers Ding Xianglin came from Hebei Qianxi to Wuhan. According to him, the flood loss of the province of Jingshan, Macheng, Luotian chestnut purchase prices rose significantly, the highest purchase price per kilogram of 6 yuan last year, and this year is 6 yuan to 8 yuan, the northern Qianxi chestnut is at least 12 yuan to receive. The bulk of agricultural products information platform of Chinese chestnut analyst Li Tao told reporters, from the previous year to last year, Anhui, Hebei and Guangxi are chestnut yield, the purchase price fell, the growers overall compression area, the new year will significantly reduce natural chestnut. With logistics and labor costs rose faster, even later all kinds of new Li Bu, the public may also not cheap sugar fried chestnut. However, insiders also said, after entering in October, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Anhui chestnut will appear on the market together, and some will likely produce C.henryi, competitive price and. (reporter Cao Lei intern Miao Yiyi)相关的主题文章:

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