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"Thousands of people plan" expert Chengdu hot "craftsman spirit" – Chengdu, September (Xinhua Wang Peng) (14), "the medical and health industry should also pursue the spirit of the spirit of the craftsman," and ""." Thousands of people plan experts, Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital, Deng Shaoping believes that, as in the manufacturing industry, in the pursuit of precision medicine today, artisan spirit for the health care industry is equally important. As the 2016 China Western overseas high-tech talent fair (referred to as "Hi") one of the highlights, "thousands of people plan expert innovation forum held in Sichuan Chengdu 14. From the medical and environmental protection, high-end manufacturing, biotechnology and other fields of "thousands of people plan experts together to explore the artisan spirit, innovation and entrepreneurial experience sharing. "Some fine surgery requires very precise, such as minimally invasive, to minimize the damage to the body tissue. Therefore, in the medical and health industry, especially in the training of surgeons, in particular, need to emphasize the spirit of craftsman." Deng Shaoping told reporters. Although also stressed the artisan spirit, but Zhang Ji from the pharmaceutical industry said, crafted artisan spirit according to the progress of the project to achieve the enterprise. "When developing new drugs, time is money, and if it’s too slow, you’ll lag behind in the industry," he said." Zhang Ji said, we generally put the spirit of craftsmen in the late, in order to make the project more refined, better." Like Zhang Ji, Yibin Intime Electronic Co. Ltd chairman Qiu Chengfeng also believes that the pursuit of "artisan spirit" depending on the circumstances. In the enterprise, the survival is the first, then can have the spirit of the craftsman." Qiu Chengfeng said, "doing business is actually two points – others have, I am better than you; others do not, I have." He believes that the former to fully create the spirit of the craftsman, the latter need to pay attention to speed. In addition to the spirit of craftsmen, thousands of people plan expert innovation Entrepreneurship Forum, the experts also answered the question of College students. In the face of "how innovation" problem students, Sichuan Haitian Environmental Energy Limited company chairman Pan Zhicheng said, "students must first have a project, engineering students with liberal arts students than but have the advantage." Pan Zhicheng believes that college students also need vision, experience and passion. "Thousands of people plan expert forum on innovation and entrepreneurship is an important activity Haike", aims to further build overseas talents and the Sichuan platform for exchanges and cooperation, promote bilateral cooperation to a higher level, broader and deeper areas. According to reports, Sichuan province has introduced the "thousand person plan" nearly 600 high-level personnel and more than 50 top team demonstration across the province introduced a total of master and doctor and other urgently needed personnel 29 thousand people, among them, more than 4000 people. (end)相关的主题文章:

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