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Three fat anger! Australian polo tournament with the North Korean authorities demanded an apology for the two play golf players Australian polo player sina sports two Australian polo player and directed a golf farce, they participated in a game of golf to North korea. However, it seems that they do not reap the intended effect of humor. North Korean authorities have asked them to return to North Korea and publicly apologize on television. "The travel agent who arranged our trip has informed us that the North Korean authorities want us to go back and make a formal apology on television." One practical joke Morgan Rigg (Morgan Ruig) said. "We have a short period of time also don’t want to do this, a North Korean prison work years of really too much." North Korean authorities are depressed, because they were fooled, originally thought that the two men are golf players, also invited them to participate in the golf tournament on behalf of australia. Representatives from other countries are almost zero players, and the Australian representative is a pair of fools, they admit that "from three feet to hit the garage door is difficult." With the North Morgan and Greg interactive caddy Ivan Shea (Evan Shay) is a 28 year old from Brisbane. They participate in the polo match in Beijing heard that North Korea has the golf game, then only by mail is qualified. They gained the confidence of the North Korean authorities to participate in the game as an Australian team. Their results on the game performance is very bad, the local caddy said they brought shame on the family. Greg said, after they left he felt that his behavior is wrong. Now, the North Korean authorities want them to apologize. Earlier this week, they told the Australian media that they had just received the qualification by mail, did not want to have further mischief. "We really just sent an email, and they have a variety of Internet restrictions, so we think it might not be investigated." Shea said. "And we thought it wouldn’t be accepted." But then, they received an email to congratulate them on the game, so they went. Custom green jacket two claimed that his handicap is very low, but also customized green jacket, wearing an Australian badge, really play the Australian team. "Everyone thought we were real representatives." Shea said, until they hit the ball into the water. There are 85 international players in North Korea’s amateur game, they are all players with little or no handicap. And with Shea and if lucky, a year at most only to play golf. On the five day of the trip to North Korea, they attended various activities of the sponsor, also visited many scenic spots in Pyongyang, including the Mansudae grand monument. Two men have been friends since they met at the Brisbane men’s college. The event organizers Loupin Travel told the Australian media confirmed the regal and Shea is indeed in the game. Related reading: dare to tricky gold and three fat! Australian Polo Open Golf Tournament (Col in North korea.相关的主题文章:

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