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Three Yuan Food: bravely assumed social responsibility, accurate health poverty alleviation project start – Beijing, Beijing, September 26, today, "accurate health poverty alleviation project start cum three yuan of corporate social responsibility report conference held in Langfang city in Hebei province. Li Shihong, Secretary General of the Hebei Provincial Foundation for poverty alleviation, Secretary General of the Dairy Association of Beijing, Beijing, three yuan, general manager of food, such as the presence of Chen Lijun, attended the meeting on behalf of the general manager of the company, such as the general manager of the food and beverage industry, such as the presence of the general manager of the food, such as. Three Beijing food general manager Chen Lijun speech according to the WHO estimates, if early childhood malnutrition, can lead to the loss of 1% adult height, lower IQ 5 to 11 percentage points, may lose their lives and create productivity 10%. The problem of children’s nutrition in poor rural areas in China is outstanding, providing basic health services for children and improving their nutrition and diet. Hebei province poverty alleviation foundation Secretary General Li Shihong to the general manager of three yuan food milk division Wu Songhang awarded honorary certificates according to the Beijing Dairy Association Secretary General Liao Chenxing introduced by the Beijing Dairy Association launched the "accurate health poverty alleviation initiative" has been three yuan in response to food. Precision health poverty alleviation project launch ceremony, three yuan to provide food to Hebei Province, a Book of poverty alleviation manual, will be in Hebei Province, the poor county of the 100 thousand 0-7 year old children to carry out a period of one year to 62 years of health poverty alleviation for a period of 5 years. Three yuan food is also planned for the next 5 years, in the country to select the poorest areas of poverty for at least 200 thousand children in poor families to help the poor in health care for children in. Statistics show that three yuan of food as a company with a history of over 60 years, from the beginning of the establishment, that is, to focus on the capital of the elderly, children, patients and other special groups to provide milk, nutrition. The special historical mission to three yuan food always put product quality first, quality and safety has become a part of the development of the company’s gene and enterprise culture, for decades, as all dairy products in China and Beijing, the major political, economic and cultural activities of large suppliers. To ensure the quality of products is the mission of the enterprise. As the dairy brand has a history of 60 years, three yuan of national dairy food heart, love the health of the people, always with "conscience love responsibility" as the core values of the enterprise, with practical action to send warmth and care for poor families. Since the beginning of 2000, three yuan for food in Beijing old Red Army soldiers to provide free milk; 2003-2007, for 5 consecutive years of sponsorship of the Pinggu mountain poor school; 2007, to Anhui flood relief frontline donated 90 thousand boxes of milk; during the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, to Beijing blood donors to provide 100 thousand yuan worth of milk, and donated 10 million yuan milk for the earthquake stricken area. In 2011, three yuan of food to carry out "three yuan of poor families of multiple births assistance program in the country, until now has been for the National more than 1 thousand twins family provide free milk aid; in August 2015, donated about 1100000 yuan worth of high-quality milk powder to Tibet; in January 2016, three Yuan visited Cai Chuan Zhen, Danfeng County, Shangluo city children’s Welfare Institute Shangzhou District, sanshilipu village of Shanyang County town of color, total contributions 66 poor families,.相关的主题文章:

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