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Tiangong two will launch the space of brain computer interaction experiments by mind control – Sohu military channel map for the Tianjin University Professor Ming Dong in God the one conference. Tiangong two, will launch China’s first space brain computer interaction experiments, the astronauts in space "use your head" to "command" of various operations, in order to see the science fiction scene or will become a reality. "China Youth Daily" reported on September 17th, as China’s first truly laboratory space — the successful launch of Tiangong two, neural engineering from the Tianjin University team is responsible for the design and development on brain computer interaction and mental workload, visual function test system with neural efficiency into space, space will open for the first time in brain machine interaction experiments. "Brain computer interaction" is the highest form of future human computer interaction." The project is mainly responsible for Professor Ming Dong, Tianjin University School of precision instrument, brain computer interaction has been listed as one of the most disruptive innovation technology in the United States prior development, "it will be Chinese leading a space brain computer interaction experiments and open the journey". To carry out the testing system with neural efficiency 64 authorized invention patents in the Temple No. two, 1 software copyrights, is a big wisdom made the independent intellectual property rights technology cluster. Big neural engineering team engaged in research work to help the old, disabled, for the purpose of helping a new generation of brain computer interaction theory and key technology of the. They are designed for the whole limb stroke rehabilitation pure mind control artificial neural robot system "God the one" God two "and in many hospital clinical test is successful, has been named the" ten major scientific and technological achievements Chinese may change the future of development and application, promote brain computer interaction emerging technologies in the field of clinical rehabilitation. In the implementation of the manned space laboratory mission, "God" technology will be "Tiangong two" space laboratory astronauts in space verification contribute to medium-term stay, "Tiangong two" space for engineering project. Why should we take the lead in developing brain computer interaction in space? "From a macro point of view, the human brain is known as the" three pound universe "because of its complex mystery." Ming Dong introduction, the astronauts in space environment, complete complex tasks have been restricted, brain computer interaction can not rely on peripheral nerve and motor system, the astronaut’s thinking activities into operation instruction and mental workload and other neurological condition monitoring of astronauts, realize man-machine mutual adaptation, reduce the work load that is the most ideal way of human-computer interaction. Through the mental workload and visual function testing system, real-time access to and analysis of the astronauts in the task of sensory (visual) and cognitive (mental workload) function related to changes in physiological information. In brain computer interaction system for space flight process of all kinds of constraints are suitable for on orbit environment the high degree of recognition and high stability of brain computer interaction adaptive detection equipment and processing technology, constructs a brain computer interface for the highly customized individual astronaut discriminant model, designed the EEG features intensive induction training"相关的主题文章:

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