To calculate Japan to pay the protection fee

Calculate Japan to give those "protection" data figure: in April 26th, the United States of Tokyo in Japan, a woman raised slogans in protest. On the same day, more than 1000 protesters marched in Tokyo near Japan Shibuya, protest against the Japanese government in the border region of Okinawa County Community for US forces in Japan Futenma base construction of new facilities. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Tian photo Beijing November 17th electroacupuncture on U.S. President elect Donald · Trump asked Japan to "full" for U.S. military costs during the campaign statement, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and defense minister Inada Tomomi recently have sound, refused to pay more. How much does Japan need to pay to the United States every year? "Yomiuri Shimbun" quoted 16 reported data within the Ministry of defense, the U.S. military presence in Japan a year for funding of nearly 760 billion yen ($1 about 109.7 yen), ranked the first place in the United States allies, is close to the limit under the current system. [] a large amount of various items, concluded in 1960 of the "Japan US agreement" in Japan is divided into position related responsibility for the resident funds. According to the agreement, the Japanese troops stationed in Japan to provide facilities and venues, including the payment of the venue rental fee to the land owners and provide certain compensation; the United States should bear US troops during the period of maintenance funds, including other costs incurred to the U.S. military to maintain payment of labor costs, to hire workers on the base of payment services fee and the U.S. military presence during the. The obligations stipulated in the agreement are referred to as "basic parts" in japan". According to the official website of the Ministry of Defense announced the 2016 annual budget of the U.S. military related funds in the United States, the Department of the budget for this part of the year for the allocation of 185 billion 200 million yen in. To place compensation by the responsibility of the Ministry of internal affairs, 2016 of the annual budget of 35 billion 500 million yen. Base and exercise venues, such as a single venue rent budget, the budget was 165 billion 800 million yen in 2015. Japan’s burden on U.S. troops is not more than that. From the 70s of last century, with the strengthening of the economic strength of Japan, the United States asked Japan to provide more support for the troops. At that time, the Japanese politicians for this part of the burden of the agreement is named as "considerate budget", intended to understand the United States at that time due to the deterioration of the domestic economic situation, the high yen caused by the high cost of living expenses. "Yomiuri Shimbun" 16 quoted on the data of the defense ministry, 2016 annual "considerate budget" is 192 billion yen, including the basic wage and welfare costs, employment base of Japanese workers utilities, heating costs. Currently, there are about 25 thousand people in the U.S. military bases in the United States engaged in food and beverage, equipment maintenance and other work, of which the wages of nine adults from japan. In addition, produced in order to alleviate the burden on Okinawa to take measures of the costs borne by the Japanese side, including the U.S. and Japan to reduce the noise caused by the return of part of the base equipment transfer and even new alternative base fee. 2016 this part of the budget is 2 billion 800 million yen. Military reorganization related costs fell to the Japanese on the head. Part of the Okinawa troops in Japan to the Guam transfer fee, US troops stationed in Japan and the U.S. aircraft carriers own compilation units)相关的主题文章:

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