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To say goodbye to Lumia! Microsoft’s official website under the WP category – Sohu digital, according to foreign media reports, recently, some users found that Microsoft’s official mall has been gradually put down the shelf or hidden Windows  Phone category. Since Windows  Phone since listing, the market share has been in an embarrassing situation. Microsoft has also tried to revive the effectiveness of the WP system through a series of measures, but unfortunately there is still no improvement. To say goodbye to Lumia! Microsoft’s official website removed under category WP (pictures from CNET)       Windows  in the U.S. Microsoft official mall, Phone; mobile phone has disappeared from the classification of goods, the product rapid access to the window has been fully disappeared. In most of the world’s Microsoft official mall, has been unable to see Windows  Phone mobile phone direct channel, including the United States, China and the United Kingdom and other countries.       according to the data from the third party research firm, Windows’s mobile phone business is on the decline as a whole, but it doesn’t seem as fast as we thought. From July to August this year, Windows  (Phone) shares fell by only 0.49%.       prior to April’s 4% market share has been Windows  Phone since the highest record since its inception. Windows  Phone is generally considered to be a promising platform, the market share of only 3% of the mobile operating system, while in China, Windows  Phone users are calling themselves as "1%". However, Microsoft has promised to bring more cool products to the platform in 2017, of course, including the legendary Surface  Phone, then perhaps its share will soar further. But now it seems that this is now more and more distant expectations.  相关的主题文章:

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