Top ten thousand sentences finalists Busan international film festival attracted much

"Top ten thousand" finalists Busan international film festival attracted great attention Tencent entertainment news recently, the South Korea Busan International Film Festival announced the list of finalists in the twenty-first. From the original Liu Zhenyun screenwriter, producer Jiang Zhiqiang, the heart of Liu Yulin’s war "one top ten thousand" successfully nominated the festival only competition, competing for the "new wave" highest award, media attention, and even insiders predict that this type of "China manufacturing works" become an independent school, focusing on ordinary people the heart of the world war, the depth of analysis "endure and not" life and marriage at home and abroad, is expected to boost China film article, set off a new wave of China film "Humanistic regression epic", and caused widespread recognition and resonance of the audience. Short listed in Busan! For the "new wave" competition unit "inside" war triggered at any moment as one of Asia’s most influential film festival, Busan film festival dedicated to the support and excavation of the Asian regional youth director, to provide a broader platform for Asian films to the world, but also attracted the attention of filmmakers worldwide. In all the awards Film Festival opened, only the "new wave" is the competition unit, the rest are non competition screenings. And Jia Zhangke, Zhang Ming, Zhang law, Yang Heng and other famous Chinese director, has also won the new wave award. As one of the Chinese films in the film festival, the film "top ten thousand sentences" adapted from Liu Zhenyun’s novel of the same name. The original was awarded the eighth Mao Dun prize for literature, published so far has been translated into more than 20 languages, with a wide range of international reputation, the Chinese version is a breakthrough in sales of 1 million 800 thousand. This time, from the text to the big screen, the film broke the "dimension wall", "to be or not to be" as the core content, focus on the current social ordinary people tangled inner world, tells the story of a cuckold’s epic. Unlike other effects, youth film, comedy, "a top ten thousand words of" unusual way to go through the small fire to simmer, steadfast heart, focusing on characterization of the inner world of the tide of battle. Director Liu Yulin said that the film’s audience aesthetic appreciation ability is changing, "they are more willing to see the content, touching and deep, the heart and the film now," a top ten thousand words of "this is a willing heart works with the audience, I hope everyone can find the phrase" top the ten thousand sentence "words." Mouth overflowing! Do the desk "practice skills" won the praise of national point mapping is expected to lead to China film "new wave" for two years, the film "one top ten thousand" with high quality of the completion of the Busan Film Festival, director Liu Yulin behind cannot do without technical skills". It is understood that Liu Yulin graduated from trained Ang Lee, Martin · Scorsese and countless other directing research at the New York University film school graduate school, participated in Feng Xiaogang’s historical drama "1942" of the shooting, the first short film directed by Oscar won the "door god" (student unit) narrative film award. This time, Liu Yulin chose one of his father directed, the original intention is to make a similar Oscar best foreign language film "a separation" that shake, description of daily life and little work. She said: "these ordinary people desire and emotion, the soul stirring process.相关的主题文章:

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