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Toronto Hua help center to remind people not to in public places too much "affectionate" – Beijing Chinese overseas network on 14 November, according to Canada, "Sing Tao Daily" reported that the Canadian TCCSA director and executive director of China Center of the Toronto police force to help retired officer Chen Chubiao advice to new immigrants, greedy for pleasure and make "too affectionate" behavior in public places, even involving sexual behavior. If the public complaints, or caught by the police, it is necessary to face legal sanctions. Chen Chubiao said that the local legislation for the definition of sex in public places, refers to sexual intercourse, oral sex, sexual organs, touch naked or make the simulation of action etc.. Kissing or hugging in public places does not constitute a crime. Understanding of the local legislation to avoid complaints, he said, the municipal government, the Toronto Public Transportation Bureau, parks, school sports venues or shopping malls have their own cases. For example, someone recently had sex in the west of the park, the police in accordance with the municipal bylaws for prosecution, because the police according to city park bylaws on behalf of the park management department of law enforcement. Generally, the police will accuse the parties of not being investigated in public places. As to whether the criminal prosecution will depend on the situation, such as relates to money for sex is a criminal offence; a prostitution is not illegal, but their offense. Chen Chubiao advised new immigrants, based on their indigenous land law and culture may be different from the local, it is best to comply with local legislation. If someone is feeling in public, still need to understand the sense of propriety, not too intimate, otherwise there may be others complain, if so be the police prosecution was not worth.相关的主题文章:

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