TransAsia Airways announced suddenly suspended without warning will be affected by the dissolution o tianbi

TransAsia Airways announced suddenly suspended without warning will be affected by the dissolution of suspended penalty – Beijing, Taiwan’s third largest airline airways board adopted 22 resolutions, the dissolution of the company, now fully suspended. TransAsia Airways held in the morning of the provisional board of directors, through the dissolution of the resolution, and the resolution will be discussed at the shareholders meeting, the shareholders’ meeting after the implementation. In a press conference after the meeting, TransAsia Airways chairman Lin Mingsheng announced: due to deterioration of the financial situation, the company will withdraw from the aviation industry in Taiwan. Lin Mingsheng said that after the two crash, although the company has adopted a number of reform, but the performance has failed to restore the previous level, the aviation industry with the recession, the financial situation continued to deteriorate, because no subsequent optimism, to bear the dissolution of the company. According to Lin Mingsheng introduction, TransAsia Airways in 2015 the actual operating losses of more than 2 billion yuan (NT, the same below), as of the end of October 2016, a loss of about 2 billion 700 million yuan. On the evening of 21 Airways announced without warning 22 days suspended for one day, the Taiwan aviation industry and passengers shocked stunned. Lin Mingsheng stressed, announced without warning service, is afraid of news affecting the crew of emotions, to ensure the safety of passengers. TransAsia Airways to determine the dissolution of the estimated follow-up will be affected by 100 thousand passenger trips. "The dissolution of the company was a painful decision." Lin Mingsheng said the company has been trying to find professional institutions at home and abroad, partners and even a new operating team to assist in the recovery, until 21 PM, very sorry not to be able to achieve the final". He explained that the dissolution of the company at this point in time, the company’s assets is greater than the liabilities based on the ability of passengers, employees and partners to provide the necessary protection of rights and interests, to leave Taiwan in the aviation industry, bear the ultimate responsibility. At present, TransAsia Airways has set up an emergency task force, respectively, layoffs, passenger refund government communication, debts and shareholder rights and interests, handle the aftermath. Renaissance employs thousands of aviation, Lin Mingsheng commitment, all employees will be handled by the relevant labor regulations were laid off, in addition, the two crash victims before the event has not yet been reconciliation families, will also have proper treatment. Taiwan civil aviation authority, 22, said the person in charge of TransAsia Airways will go to explain the situation. The Department said 21 TransAsia Airways never suspended its report, with no warning way stop, seriously affect the interests of the passengers, will be in accordance with the relevant regulations and fines. – on a lesson of TransAsia Airways airways was founded in 1951, is the first private airline in Taiwan, mainly engaged in Taiwan area routes, cross-strait routes and regional international routes, share of about 20% in the aviation market in Taiwan. Hub airport Taoyuan airport and Taipei Songshan Airport. A lesson from the crash in July 23, 2014, the Kaohsiung public Pegasus flight GE222, that evening in Penghu County of Xixiang Xixi Lake Village, failure of an emergency landing crashed, killing 48 people. In February 4, 2015, TransAsia Airways flight crashed near GE235 in Songshan Airport, crashed in Taipei city of Keelung River, killing 43 people were killed and 15 injured. – questioned.相关的主题文章:

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