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A graduate of Tsinghua "tutor" to borrow the phone cheated 900 yuan – public channel in September 19th, a Tsinghua University graduate student received a phone call, the person claiming to be his mentor, borrow money urgently, the students immediately use Alipay to send to the other bank card into the 900 yuan, we cheated to the supervisor after verification. Students said the other side of the accent and mentor close, and accurate name of the two sides and other information, she would not doubt. The local police station to the Beijing morning news reporters had also confirmed that college students encounter this kind of fraud, the beginning of school, they combined school telecommunications fraud prevention and education, but lawless tricks, the students lack of awareness, repeatedly succeed liar. After Tutor: liar lied cheat students transfer to Tsinghua University graduate according to Chen Jiang, 8 in the morning, she received a strange number of mobile phone calls, "said the other side is my mentor, encounter something, in urgent need of money". Chen recalled, then heard the voice and the voice of her mentor, really like, and the other side can accurately report the teacher and her name, she is no doubt, Mankoudaying down. Hang up the phone, the other sent a message, there is a bank card number and account name. Although the account name is not the name of Chen teacher, but she did not care, think of others by the tutor of bank card, without any doubt, then transferred 900 yuan to the card by Alipay, "he wants more money, 900 yuan is all we have in alipay". After the transfer, Chen just feels wrong, immediately call the teacher check, found himself fooled. "The instructor said he didn’t even get in touch with me. I didn’t even see the phone number and the bank card number. I realized that I was cheated, and quickly reported to the school security department". The students talk about this matter, she knew before it was received "I am your teacher" this kind of telephone fraud, many students have cheated, I really thought it was a mentor to borrow money, feel shy to ask the money played in the past, there are amount from several hundred dollars to several thousand yuan." Chen also wondered, "how do we know that teachers and students cheat detailed information about it, really terrible". According to reporter Chen provided "cheater" mobile phone number to call in the past, has no answer. Security department: Tsinghua year of school education for anti cheat Beijing morning news reporter then contacted the Security Department of Tsinghua University, said the other side like Chen is not uncommon, "every year at the beginning of this term, we will conduct telecommunications fraud prevention and education of freshmen, but still difficult to avoid such things happen. After receiving a report from the students, we will report to the police investigation area." Reporters yesterday visited the Tsinghua University also found that in some areas, such as teaching buildings, student apartments and other public security departments to remind students to guard against fraud telecommunications fraud. Police received a similar call to check the Zhongguancun police station also confirmed to reporters that in recent years, frequent college students is "I am your tutor (teacher)" telephone fraud flicker, "this is a typical telecommunications fraud, similar to" I am your leader ", is one of the most common means of fraud. But in recent years the telecommunications fraud tricks, and their social experience less, awareness is not high, but also can succeed liar.相关的主题文章:

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