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Tucson CEO Chen Mo: to become the fastest commercial landing China automatic driving company Tucson CEO Chen Mo Sina technology but recently a Chinese company a dark horse in the field of automatic driving A new force suddenly rises. Tucson Internet announced that the company in the list of open automatic driving algorithm KITTI and Cityscapes data sets were the first in the world, among them, KITTI data set in Tucson won nine of the world’s first single, Cityscapes data sets fine and coarse two sets of evaluation criteria in Tucson were ranked first in the world. Cityscapes data sets fine and coarse two sets of evaluation criteria are ranked first in the world, which is the first KITTI and Cityscapes evaluation data set on a company ‘s list". The Internet and the Tucson competitors are Baidu, Samsung and NVIDIA, Standford, Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Toronto, California University of San Diego NEC laboratory, etc. these famous enterprises and scientific research institutions in universities. Compared with these giants, Tucson just a year of the newly established company. Even get such amazing results, Tucson Internet CEO Chen Mo is still not satisfied. He said Sina Technology, "the list" is to prove to investors in Tucson is a leader in the Internet automatic driving algorithm, this is only the means. Tucson, really want to do and do is freight commercial vehicle automatic driving. According to the China Federation of logistics statistics show that in 2015 the road transportation costs 3 trillion and 300 billion yuan, the transaction of the highway freight market overall size of around 2 trillion and 600 billion. Chen Mo think this is a huge market, as the giants gathered, and high difficulty and high complexity of the mass consumer of automatic driving, he frankly is not interested, the need for long time, and the time for a start-up company is too precious. The autopilot plus freight enough support from Tucson Internet dream, we want to change the industry, we would also like to take the Tucson listed. A more realistic perspective, the Internet can also be used for young Tucson overtaking in this area." Chen Mo said that in 2017 they are expected to automatically transport cargo landing, and now is a race against time. Artificial intelligence China is not inferior to foreign investment circle now, artificial intelligence has become the hot issue, but before the Internet investment compared to the investment China people seem to prefer to watch foreign startups, think they are more advanced in this field. For this orientation, Chen Mo and some other aspects may feel anger not yet appeased, he does exist the differences, but artificial intelligence, big data and deep learning based on China and abroad is almost started at the same time, the gap is very small, even in many areas are leading. Go to KITTI and Cityscapes evaluation data set, the purpose is actually very simple. We say that we are leading, how to prove? Nothing is more convincing than the world class public rankings, because the participants are the most cattle institutions and people." K.相关的主题文章:

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