Two Vietnamese women trafficked to Changde by fellow people will say Chinese rescued-rainism

Two Vietnamese women trafficked to Changde by fellow people will say Chinese rescued original title: abducted female Vietnamese jumping for help Taoyuan destroyed a gang of transnational trafficking in women and translation (left) and two Vietnamese women to accept the police suspect information communication net of ChangDe Railway Station on November 9th news (reporter Zheng Jianghui correspondent Tu Ping and Zhang Ying) in November 8th. Taoyuan County, Changde City Public Security Bureau Foreign informed that the Council recently destroyed a gang of transnational trafficking in women, arrested two suspects, three illegal immigrants were detained by Vietnamese woman review measures. In late October 26th 8, in a Taoyuan hangrui high-speed service area, two young woman suddenly rushed out from a van, on duty is the high-speed traffic police shouted "help", followed by two strong men to hold them, see the police, the two men quickly let go of their car and fled to the direction. Yuanling County, Huaihua city. Traffic police aware of the situation is serious, while reporting to the higher authorities to intercept the vehicle fled, while notifying the nearby police station to pick up two women. 10 pm that night, the suspect car and the car two men and a woman three suspects were intercepted by high-speed traffic police, and was escorted back to Taoyuan. Originally, two women were Vietnamese for help, one of them would speak simple Chinese, 27 days, police invited Vietnamese translators to assist in the investigation. The survey, two Vietnamese women named Chen Mouer and Chen Tao (transliteration of the name), in early October of this year, they by a man named Hemou Levin (transliteration of the name) of the Vietnamese woman introduced to the work on the ground to sneak into Chinese, October 24th, Hemou Levin to find two men Lu (Jiangsu people), Wang (the people of Sichuan), they rented a van, with Chen and Chen Tao, that took them to find work. In the car, Lumou and Wang repeatedly call to buy, mainly sell them, but was Chen Chen understand. Chen secretly consulted with Chen Tao to escape. 8 in the evening of October 26th, their line in a service area in Taoyuan after dinner on the train, Chen found that the traffic police on duty, and Chen Tao escaped together. After examination, Lu Mou, Wang Mou confessed to the crime of abducting and selling women, and has been under criminal detention according to law. Hemou Lai, Chen Mouer, Chen peach suspected of illegal immigration, detention and review measures were taken, the case is still under further investigation.

两名越南女被同乡拐卖至常德 一人会说中文获救   原标题:被拐越南女跳车求救 桃源打掉一跨国拐卖妇女团伙 翻译(左一)与两名越南女子沟通 犯罪嫌疑人接受警方问讯   红网常德站11月9日讯(记者 郑江晖 通讯员 涂定平 文静 张英)11月8日,常德市桃源县公安局对外通报称,该局近日打掉一个跨国拐卖妇女团伙,抓获犯罪嫌疑人两名,三名非法入境越南女子被采取拘留审查措施。   10月26日晚8时,在杭瑞高速桃源某服务区,两名年轻女子突然从一辆面包车上冲出来,对正在此执勤的高速交警大呼“救命”,身后还跟着两名壮实男子想拉住她们,见到交警后,两男子迅速放开她们,驾车向怀化市沅陵县方向逃窜。   交警意识到事态严重,一边向上级报告请求拦截出逃车辆,一边通知附近派出所将两女子接走。当晚10时许,嫌疑车及车上两男一女三名嫌疑人被高速交警截获并被押回桃源。原来,两名求救女子是越南人,其中一位会说简单的中文,27日,民警请来越南语翻译人员协助调查。   调查得知,两名越南女子分别叫陈某儿和陈某桃(音译名),今年10月初,她们由一名叫何某莱(音译名)的越南女子以介绍工作为由偷渡进入中国的,10月24日,何某莱找到两名男子陆某(江苏人)、王某(四川人),他们租来一辆面包车,带着陈某儿和陈某桃,谎称带她们找工作。在车上,陆某和王某多次打电话联系买主要将她们卖出去,不料被陈某儿听懂。陈某儿暗地里和陈某桃商量伺机出逃。10月26日晚8时,他们一行在桃源某服务区吃完晚饭上车时,陈某儿发现有执勤交警,便和陈某桃一起逃脱了。   经审查,陆某、王某对拐卖妇女的犯罪事实供认不讳,目前已被依法刑事拘留。何某莱、陈某儿、陈某桃因涉嫌非法入境,被采取拘留审查措施,案件还在进一步审理中。相关的主题文章:

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