U.S. Court ruled that the patent belongs to the slide to unlock Apple Samsung to pay $120 million shuyue

The United States Court ruled that the patent belongs to apple to Samsung to unlock a $120 million loss of apple and Samsung’s patent dispute between the big two major turning point. According to Reuters news, local time on October 7th, the U.S. federal court ruled that Samsung infringed Apple’s phone appearance patent, Samsung needs to compensate $120 million. The patent around the decision involves sliding unlock, spelling automatic correction and fast connection and so on, the product range includes the two companies of mobile phones and tablet products. Among them, most of the compensation – about $98 million 700 thousand is for the phone number to detect the patent, Samsung has been ruled that did not infringe the patent. In addition, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in 2 year month ruled that the other two patent is invalid, but the decision is based on the October 7th had never been on appeal questions, information or outside the court records, and the judge for the wrong decision. U.S. federal court ruled that Samsung infringed Apple’s mobile phone, including sliding unlock spelling automatic correction fast connection, including the appearance of the patent, Samsung needs to compensate $120 million. Public reports show that apple and Samsung’s lawsuit is a protracted war lasted five years. 2011, apple sued Samsung copied the appearance of iPhone patents, the use of Apple’s brand as well as the relationship with the consumer profit. 2012, when the court of first instance verdict Apple received $1 billion 5 million patent compensation. But Samsung raised objections to the amount of compensation. 2014, Apple was won, the court ruled that Samsung should compensate $930 million to apple. At that time, the jury found that Samsung infringed Apple’s patents, including patents related to iPhone design and appearance. Although Apple claims, but its request to prohibit the sale of infringing products Samsung claims were dismissed by the court. But it was not long before Apple’s ruling was rejected, because the court ruled that Apple sued Samsung case is not within the scope of the legal protection of the trade, because it involves the function of the product. The court of Appeal said that the appearance of the product is a legal term for product packaging or presentation, if given the protection of apple, then Apple will permanently monopolize these functions. So, "rejected" ruling on 2012, part of the trial has been commuted, the $930 million compensation, the court of Appeals for the San Jose district court to reconsider and trade dress infringement related to the $382 million compensation. However, in the latest version of the iOS 10 operating system, Apple Corp is no longer using sliding unlock function, but instead to allow users to press the Home button to unlock the phone. Another high-profile lawsuit between Apple Corp and Samsung will continue to be tried in the United States Supreme Court next Tuesday (Beijing time October 13th). In December last year, Samsung has promised to pay $548 million to design Apple patent dispute. According to Bloomberg News reported that the results of the case will determine how much Samsung compensation for its infringement of iPhone design patents to the Apple Corp. James, a professor at the school of law at the University of Richmond, said in an email to Reuters in that the decision was made in October 7th to those of the.相关的主题文章:

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