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UFC Fight Night 96 will be staged rookie rookie showdown UFC Fight Night official poster UFC China News UFC Fight Night 96 will be held in Portland, on October 2nd at Beijing time. The event includes a total of 4 games and 8 games. The headlines in the main event, John Lineker from Brazil (John Lineker) will be two times before Anderson and flyweight champion challenger John – (John Dodson) launched a bantamweight showdown. John Dodson the current record of 18 wins and 7 losses, including 9 KO, 2 times to win. In September last year, he was the second time in the UFC191 challenge rat Johnson Johnson (Demetrious), the results were unanimously decided to beat again, then he decided to return to the weight of the race. In April this year, UFC On FOX 19 return to war, Dodson first round in just 37 seconds to beat the horse – Nur TKO gabrian (Manvel Gamburyan), in one fell swoop into the bantamweight top 10. John Lineker – the current record of 28 wins and 7 losses, including 13 KO, 4 times to win. He won 6 games in the UFC race of the flies in the order of 8, and had a good chance of winning the title challenge, but he was forced to pick up to the order of magnitude because of the many times he failed. In 3 games, 135 pounds, Lineker scored a victory, winning streak at present has reached 5, which in July this year, the UFC Fight Night 91 KO in the first leg of the end of the Michael Macdonald (Michael McDonald) of the game that he ranked sharply into the top 5. In the main tournament, the former Bellator lightweight champion Brooks (Will Brooks) will be against the Brazil cowboys, – Oliveira (Alex). Brooks’s record of 19 wins and 1 losses, including 6 KO, 4 times to win. In his 3 consecutive win the Bellator title in June of this year and lightweight after signing with UFC, and the twenty-third quarter of July "the ultimate fighter" in the final of the octagon debut, by unanimous decision victory over the British star Ross – Pearson (Ross Pearson). Alex Oliveira – the current record of 15 wins 3 flat 1 negative 1 results, including 9 KO, 3 times to win. He in February this year, UFC Fight Night 82 were temporary battle against "cowboy" Donald – Seroni (Donald Cerrone), the result is the first leg of the triangle lock surrender. The first World War and Oliveira won 4 wins, the last race in the July UFC On FOX 20 to beat James Motta Sri by unanimous decision (volume相关的主题文章:

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