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Under the supervision of high pressure network about cars into the field of false qualification qualification to sell all kinds of brush single legal identity did not let the network about the car platform chaos disappeared. The day before a number of consumers reflect to the Beijing Business Daily reporter said, has suffered a suspected malicious brush single platform without feedback and complaints. The new deal landing soon, the original should be higher threshold, the reporter found that many of the network platform to sell fake qualifications to deal with platform audit. The car needs to be improved about network supervision of malicious brush single consumer Liu before the Beijing Daily reporter said, the use of home people excellent step in the early hours of the taxi, encountered a "strange" driver, the driver Liu received orders after the trip started immediately, and the end of the trip in a few minutes, then people excellent step platform deduct the corresponding fare; the same thing happened in the city of Tianjin Qin lady, she was a few days ago near midnight with people excellent step called the car, a picture is not clear the driver of four consecutive orders and start the trip, one minute after the driver at the end of the trip, Ms. Qin accounts without deductions. In addition, Mr. Wang, who was also in Shaanxi, Tongchuan suffered the above situation, he had a taxi driver was deducted more than 10 times a night. Mr. Wang said, only to hear the people have excellent platform for the driver to brush the case, but I did not expect to encounter the driver in the middle of the night malicious brush. These consumers have said that people with excellent platform to reflect the situation through the mail, but did not receive feedback. Until the date when the reporter, did not receive the platform response. Previously, the Beijing Daily has reported continuous people excellent step platform brush single wind phenomenon, when yuho China and drops travel continuing to seize the user and driver stage, insiders questioned yuho Chinese suspected of deliberately condoned such incidents. Consumers frequently encountered driver qualification peddle malicious brush, and the platform of driver qualification audit is not strictly related. Beijing Daily reporter recently in a well-known electronic business platform "and search step" two words, the platform to sell a lot of drops, excellent step, easy to handle business businesses, these businesses of the "service" described as net about car platform driver registration, can let buy "service" driver who was driving, remote registration, vehicle age does not match, the platform does not have problems such as models, the reporter found the rough statistics, service prices ranging from 10-200 yuan. Open outcry is clearly not the driver qualification for a business platform, the Beijing Daily reporter into a Beijing car owners car brush "group, the group announcements," wind passenger private chat five yuan a single, all day long effective". Another part of the users at a price of tens of dollars in net selling about car platform agency qualification, at the same time, another part of the users in the group issued about car platform with fewer subsidies, low price to sell the car news. Supervision of high threshold analysts in an anonymous opinion about the new car network puts forward higher requirements on the condition of the vehicle platform, driver qualifications and other aspects, to a certain extent caused the open outcry about agency network driver qualification phenomenon, and about the big two car market is currently in a consolidation period similar, scalping and reselling qualification platform chaos there is no effort to take into account. The source said, the people on the merits of the platform has been suspected of single brush phenomenon has long been difficult to cure. At present相关的主题文章:

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