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Reference-and-Education When one doesn’t have a diploma from high school they learn that when they want a job, more times than not, they can’t get one. The reason for this is because of the fact that in many instances, the employer will say that they can’t even get the basics done. Some of you might want to look into getting a GED. So here are the GED requirements. Now, with no written consent to take the GED, you must be eighteen years or older. However, you will find that you can take this at a younger age. When you are looking to take the GED when you are younger, you have to prove that you have withdrawn from high school. You also have to either be emancipated or you have to have consent from your parents. The other thing that matters is the state that you take the exam at. You have to take the exam in the state that you live in. The only exception to that is if you happen to be in the military where they can then put in your application that you have to fill out to be able to take this test. Other than that, you must be in the state that you live in. When you take the test, you will find that you have to score a certain amount. You have to score a 410 when it .es to the five different sections that one must pass. If you don’t pass a section, you will be asked to retake that section. This is the requirement. Once you have passed, you will be sent a diploma from the State Department of Labor and Workforce. They will submit this and any transcripts that are needed for you to start working. This is the only person that can do this. Other people who can request these things are the VA as well as others regarding military. You can retake the sections as much as you want. Some feel that they did too poorly even though they passed a section. You can then retake the section or sections that you wish to retake. By law, they are then required to take the higher of all the scores. Now, as we mentioned, you do have to pay. It’s not too much to take this test. You don’t have to pay for the diploma, but you normally do have to pay up to thirty dollars to take the whole test. You then might have to pay like five dollars per section or what not. So, do be prepared with your money as well as the identification that you might need. Call them before you go to see what all you will need to bring, then study before that test. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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