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The soil consolidation coalition to combat Islamic state in northern Syria – Beijing original title: the soil together in northern Syria to combat Islamic state news agency in Washington on 16 September, (reporter Diao Haiyang) U.S. Defense Department spokesman Davies confirmed on the 16, Turkey and the United States Army and the armed opposition in Syria is currently Northern Syria regional joint fight against Islamic state extremist organizations. The United States is responsible for providing training, guidance and assistance in action. According to the Reuters reported that the U.S. – Turkish army day and the Syrian armed opposition to the northern town of azaz in Syria and Arle and other places to carry out counter-terrorism operations, destroying 5 Islamist militants. Davies, 16, did not disclose details of U.S. operations. He said that the Syrian border region has an important strategic significance, Islamic state members have repeatedly tried to penetrate through the region to Turkey, Europe and the United States, engaged in terrorist activities. The Wall Street Journal reported that this is the first time the United States and the United States armed forces to fight against the Islamic state". The move is intended to consolidate the alliance between the two countries on the issue of terrorism, and further strengthen the security of the Syrian border region. An anonymous U.S. officials, the newspaper said, the United States has sent 40 special operations soldiers to northern syria. The United States military will soil to Syria north of the town of Darby grams advance, here is the "stronghold in the region of the Islamic state. The official stressed that the joint operation of the United States and the United States will not affect the implementation of the ceasefire agreement in Syria, the United States and the United States and the United Nations to fight the target only Islamic state, not for Syrian government forces, armed opposition and other conflict. According to reports, Turkey last month proposed to the United States in the northern part of the joint fight against Islamic state of the proposal, and asked the United States to provide intelligence, reconnaissance and air strikes and other assistance. U.S. President Obama agreed to the plan this week. (end)相关的主题文章:

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