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United States announced in August this year, non farm payrolls data: if employment is strong or raise interest rates from the text / New York road from the market will usher in the judgment of the Federal Reserve in September to raise the probability of a key economic indicators. Beijing time on Friday (September 2nd) at 8:30 in the evening, the U.S. Department of labor will be released in August non farm payrolls report. Before the data was announced, Chicago merchants futures contract shows that the market is expected to increase the Fed’s September probability of close to 30%. EST August 26, 2016 10 morning, Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen attended the meeting of central Jackson Holzer said, "the possibility of raising the interest rate increase in recent months (I believe the case for an increase in the federal funds rate has strengthened in recent months)." Subsequently, Morgan chief economist James · Glassman (Jim Glassman) said the Tencent finance, although Yellen in Jackson Holzer’s speech on the relatively cautious, did not disclose the specific interest rate schedule, but confirmed that the Fed is still in the interest rate cycle, "if the economic data, including the August employment report showed that the U.S. economy continues to improve. The Fed will raise interest rates in September or December." Glassman is not alone in such a judgment. Allianz Group (Allianz) chief economic adviser Mohamed El-Erian said Tuesday that if the August payrolls data is strong enough, the Fed will have a 80% chance of a rate hike in September. LaVorgna, chief economist at Deutsche Bank, said on Wednesday that the Fed would have a 60% chance of raising interest rates in September if the economy showed improvement in the non farm payrolls in August, according to Joseph. And Barclay, chief economist at Michael, said on Wednesday that the rate hike in September has been on the table on the Gapen". Barclay’s research report shows that in August non farm payrolls 200 thousand, private sector employment increased by 190 thousand. From the Fed’s July meeting on interest rates announced in August 17th, at that time, the Fed’s interest rate hike on the agenda, has not yet reached a unified opinion. Glassman explained that since last December, the Fed has chosen to halt the troops and wait the impact of domestic and foreign, are subject to multiple factors. First, at the beginning of the market is too pessimistic on China economy; second, a stronger dollar negative impact; third, a British exit; fourth, the U.S. May payrolls report is far worse than the market expected. But Glassman said that some pessimism is exaggerated, such as China’s economy is not as bad as people imagine, and the dollar is only up to 45 years average." But Glassman also said that the Fed will continue to follow the rhythm of slow interest rates, not too fast." Greenspan, who served as chairman of the Federal Reserve, said in an interview before the meeting of the president, Mr. Holzer said that once the Fed began to raise interest rates, the market may be beyond the speed of imagination in. However, the remarks traders interpreted as beating the market to avoid market interest rate hike is too complacent". Newt.相关的主题文章:

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