Virtual operators in the case of growing pains to see how foreign

Virtual operators in the case of growing pains to see how to break the telecommunications fraud prone foreign countries, public opinion targeting the telecom operators to implement the real name system ineffective. Especially the operation of section 170171 of the virtual operators (hereinafter referred to as virtual operators) is a street rat". In the face of the Ministry of Industry issued a "do not the real name system not to license" to the iron, the said of an aged person virtual makers decide on what path to follow? "Demonized" 170 virtual providers in the future to live no more than five for the recent media on the virtual business name system question, the Ministry said, will increase the virtual business supervision and management, and the implementation of real name system as a virtual business application to expand business scope and increase the number of resources, issuing a formal business license item veto. Violation of the provisions of the real name system virtual business will be dealt with severely. This iron makes the very careful, virtual makers can become "a". Online spread of a telecommunications fraud prevention of six will be even mentioned all the beginning of the phone 170, are not connected". In this argument, the Secretary General of China virtual operators industry alliance, said Zou Xueyong, this talk is too one-sided, can not demonize section 170. Section 170 is not equal to the phone fraud, not the virtual business and a section of the death of a stick, which is unfair to most of the 170 users of the 170." He said that virtual operators should accelerate the implementation of the real name system, to solve the remaining problems. After two years of development, virtual business status seems to be more embarrassing. From the beginning of April this year, CCTV has exposed out of control section 170, virtual business began to be grilled on the grill. The ministry ordered the false self correction, and interviews with some of the real name system is not in place to implement virtual operators. In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of industry, virtual providers to achieve the end of 2016 new users to register the real name of 100%, the stock of the user’s real name 95%. In the face of more stringent real name system "inhibition", some virtual operators stop schedule. Far special communications official website shows that the number has been sold out, the number of new on-line time please look. Music language communication is: due to system upgrades, temporarily stop the sale of the 170 card, recovery time notice." Telling Mobile said: "from now on 170 selected network function system upgrade, upgrade temporarily suspended." Telecom experts Xiang Ligang believes that the future of virtual operators will not survive more than five. Zou Xueyong said that the development of virtual providers for two years to China’s communication industry has brought great changes, such as to promote the realization of the package traffic is not zero, and bring a lot of new elements in the business model. The current difficulties are only "growing pains". It is reported that the 41 virtual operators has about 32 million subscribers. Operators Yuanbu yuan? Fixed and 400800 telephone to make a pipe of concern is that the 360 Internet Security Center released the "2016 China Telecom fraud situation analysis report" shows that in August this year, the number of telephone fraud sources, the number of telephone fraud exhaled most, accounting for all fraud call volume 56%; followed by the 400800 telephone accounted for 27%; mobile phone exhaled telephone fraud accounted for only 15.4% of the total fraud telephone call. Kun相关的主题文章:

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