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Wall Street hot Chinese overseas mergers and acquisitions challenge: overseas security review boundaries blurred text / Kang Road from New York in the last year after the global mergers and acquisitions amount of innovation, European and American enterprises this year, but relatively dismal performance. Affected by regulatory tightening and the United Kingdom back to Europe and other political uncertainties, this year, the total amount of global mergers and acquisitions fell 50%, of which the U.S. market fell by 39%. However, Chinese enterprise has not diminished momentum, thriving. According to the Chinese Ministry of commerce data, in the first eight months of this year, Chinese enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions to reach the project, the actual transaction amount of $61 billion 700 million, has exceeded the amount of mergers and acquisitions in 2015 of the year, the amount of $486. In September 28, 2016, the most influential summit in New York at the headquarters of Bloomberg 2016 Bloomberg market (Bloomberg Markets Most Influential Summit), JP Morgan Anu Aiyengar and Goldman Sachs, head of mergers and acquisitions in North America Gregg Lemkau said the global head of mergers and acquisitions, Chinese enterprises more mature in overseas mergers and acquisitions of overseas, the regulatory environment is more comfortable. In the face of China overseas mergers and acquisitions rapid growth, whether because of concerns about the domestic slowdown, JP Morgan Anu Aiyengar said North American head of mergers and acquisitions, overseas mergers and acquisitions Chinese membership enterprises more long-term investment, when a company plans to invest in the period is 50 years, and only 3-5 years of investment are willing to pay a premium, will be different." Anu Aiyengar believes that although Chinese enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions seem to be a large volume of transactions, but not all of the industry, China’s corporate objectives relative focus. Brand, technology and real estate, is still the object of Chinese enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions chase." But last year China insurance companies to participate in bidding for the final out of the Ampang Starwood, let some overseas enterprises feel confused, really understand Chinese enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions of the "rules of the game". In this regard, Goldman Gregg Lemkau global head of mergers and acquisitions did not directly comment on the deal, but said that the tightening of the regulatory environment for many companies in the "risk calculation" more cautious, in addition to the traditional antitrust regulations, Chinese enterprise also relates to the Committee on foreign investment in the United States (CIFUS) merger review for mergers and acquisitions further complicated, "and the anti monopoly law is different, CIFUS is a relatively new agency, Bush served in the president’s second term started, currently in the United States, the Ministry of finance operation." Gregg Lemkau said, "the scope of the CIFUS survey has disappeared in recent years. Not only is the traditional and national security related industry to investigate, we see that the consumer products industry mergers and acquisitions also suffered censorship, which makes many companies confused, but also to some of the members of the board of directors for cross-border mergers and acquisitions prohibitive." But Gregg Lemkau said at the same time, Chinese enterprises can quickly learn the experience of developed countries, from the beginning of last year, we see China enterprises do adjust the demand for overseas supervision or, show a more comfortable attitude." Lemkau Gregg think, not.相关的主题文章:

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