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Wang Guosheng visited the teachers and education research — local leaders — original title: in the whole society to create a strong atmosphere of respect for teachers in the thirty-second teachers’ Day is approaching, (Qinghai) provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng came to the red flag primary school in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, kindly see the teachers and education development research, to extend holiday in the province the majority of teachers and educators congratulations. The morning of September 5th, Wang Guosheng entered the red primary school history museum, viewing history pictures and literature, understand the development of school campus culture construction, the ideological and political education etc.. In the teaching and research section, Wang Guosheng shook hands with the teachers to talk about their work, life and training, he said, teacher’s Day is coming, I will visit you on behalf of the provincial government, I wish you a happy holiday! Wang Guosheng pointed out that the development of education, teachers are the key. To firmly grasp the education is to grasp the development, grasp the concepts of the future, increase investment in education, improve the teaching conditions, in the whole society to create a strong atmosphere of respect for teachers. The majority of teachers to abandon three feet of the podium, to become the general secretary of the learning requirements of the ideals and beliefs, there are moral, have a solid knowledge and caring heart of a good teacher. Clear and melodious songs came from the classroom, the third grade class 5 students are having a music lesson, singing the song "red flag" primary school. Wang Guosheng listen carefully, then pick up the badge, ask the students: "know the meaning of the pattern badge?" The children answered correctly. "I will test you, who can say what the core values of socialism?" "Prosperity, democracy, civilization and harmony……" The children scrambled to answer. Wang Guosheng praised the badge design well, the school ideological and political course grasp reality, and picked up the chalk to write on the blackboard: "now for the people, serve the people in the future!" Hope for the healthy growth of children. The autumn sun on campus. Are practicing dancing classmates see Secretary Wang came to Secretary Wang excitedly around central, as he wore a bright red scarf. Wang Guosheng kindly said: "it’s going to be teachers’ day, we say to the teachers hard, okay?" "The teacher is working hard!" Tender warm greetings to the teacher, laughter echoed in the campus. (reporter Zhang Haihu) (Yu Hai Chong, Ma Liya: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

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