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Wang Kai sell adorable pet snake in the strength of GA Bai Jingting Sohu Wang Kai entertainment than sell adorable quack heart     Sohu entertainment news "we fight" tonight will be broadcast on the seventh 22:00. The man of God who came to Guangzhou Changlong wildlife zoo open adventure, playing games, yoga, and various adorable things than to enjoy playing, and crocodiles, terror gold python, strong dogs waiting for them to challenge. Men of God who came to the zoo in the collective open up animal model, alpacas, sloth, giraffe, panda all miss Wang Kai; a change in the image of the past fancy sell adorable, Bai Jingting turned white snake in bold "to do the task, not only that, there are more funny staged live version of defend radish. More exciting content, please pay attention to the Sohu in late August 26th 23:00 video "we fight"     staged a live version of Wang Kai’s fancy than selling defend radish adorable     after the first episode aired, many viewers are Wang Kai and Wang Jiaer’s combination of ring powder, have said "Wang Kai," the strength of pet quack "Wang Jiaer sell adorable even Wang Kaidu unable to resist sustain the blows". In this episode, Wang Kai and Wang Jiaer and fate to a group, but also formed a combination of the two kings". It has always been poker-faced Wang Kai Wang Jiaer in the face, immediately changed, not only the opening with Wang Jiaer than love to sell adorable, still stay in front of the camel fancy self, adorable appearance completely subvert the usual image, but people feel that adds a lot of lovely.     in addition, this period of male gods will also staged a live version of defending radish, collective action to save A Bo, wearing a collar tops male gods, a lovely degree is not lost by staying adorable A Bo, and again in the face of this test firing technology and cooperative ability challenges, men of God who can successfully complete? They can save it? Open up the animal model of "collective" bold white Bai Jingting "new car     the program we have seen Jam Hsiao and Wang Jiaer’s sister got skills, as well as Jing Bairan and Bai Jingting fancy girl please Dafa, in this period, men of God who no longer" Liao Mei ", but to open a animal model, the Liao claws toward the lovely animal. Not only in the opening up of the elephant, the collective said it was "cute", also got up behind the Bai Jingting crocodiles, the ability to let the crocodiles are helpless at large the better to apprehend him. There are adorable camel in the face of Wang Kai and Wang Jiaer, are beginning to respond to their ejection way "tease", let Wang Kai and Wang Jiaer are unable to resist sustain the blows.     the men of God who came to the zoo there is no shortage of bold adventure challenge, the opening has seen the crocodile’s teeth and ferocious, behind Jing Bairan and Bai Jingting also need to rebel and the door car, they encountered the snake frightened, see in the large proportion of no gold python, two but can not help but tremble. However, the seemingly thin white has turned a bold "white" challenge, broke into the car to do the task, in the face of such a terrible gold python, Bai jingting.相关的主题文章:

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