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Want to let your sister worship you, in addition to the car also need special skills? Sohu car as the best and most glorious events in American culture, with pure blood, NASCAR speed, game atmosphere, all over the world have a very high visibility, to some extent, the influence of NASCAR events, F1 events are matched with. Such events or racing culture, for ordinary people in our country is also no longer a far distant dream, recently, is from the National more than and 50 city racing enthusiasts, is driving a brand new Chevrolet Cruze, competition for the straight NASCAR the opportunity to fight on the track to fight. Who can go to the NASCAR site experience with fiery passion? Who can take part in the Kerr Witt super training camp? A few days later, everything will be in the final battle announced through NASCAR Ke luzi. And the final battle of the track, is located in Beijing’s hi Valley car park. Compared to the well-known Tianma circuit, golden port circuit, Zhuhai circuit Zhejiang, was open not long hi Valley track is not known, but it is very distinct characteristics, is the rare mountain track. Hi Valley track length is only 1.8 kilometers, the long straight road speed is only 400m, but the entire track includes 10 corners, the biggest drop of up to 55m, the track width of 10-18 meters, is simply bent and straight, short, sharp elevation. One is from the characteristics of hi Valley track is not difficult to see that this track is more suitable for the outstanding performance such as similar models Cruze play, so we can according to the actual situation of hi Valley, to drive the track, which need the necessary driving skills. From the start, is a linear acceleration is not long, here easily humming a full throttle acceleration, T1 corner is a slightly uphill U turn, here is not difficult, pay attention to the braking distance and standard point out – in – out of the way the line can be. But because it is uphill turn, for the control of this before it drove the throttle is to draw attention to bend, bend the oil out of Bigfoot after the center of gravity moves, but more likely to lose grip, accidentally pushing head, "take the lead" is not too good. After turning T1 corner is a small angle of the T2 curve, which is a high-speed corners, can give play to the Cruze 1.4T turbocharged direct injection engine with power and excellent chassis. After running the T2 curve, a T3 is tight with an acute angle with a T4 angle. The two corner seems not difficult, but in fact the biggest trap hi Valley track, it is both continuous steep downhill bend, so very dangerous, must be familiar with the track to remember that two bends, turn in advance before the car down, do not try to brake at the apex, otherwise it is easy to control. The T5 is also a relatively wide angle, because it is downhill, turn deceleration more focus will be transferred to the front wheels, the front axle load increases, vehicle Tuitou tendency will be more obvious, so the brake point remember not too late. However, taking into account the Cruze has Neue Boglin level track chassis tuning, full frame side?相关的主题文章:

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