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Home-and-Family When considering flowers for the wedding ceremony, it can be difficult to ignore orchids. The orchid has endured the test of time for weddings. It truly is about the most popular marriage ceremony flower there is. It has thrived and expanded, and is the most stunning and elegant group of flowering plants known to man. Its .position is delicate, intricate, but at the same time, lavish. A single orchid flower, growing from a tall, slender stalk, is definitely exotic. Your wedding day will be lavish and exceptionally beautiful with these flowers and their rich colors .plementing the surroundings. Wedding ceremony orchids make your day unforgettable because of their shades, shapes, and aroma. They are breath-taking standing alone, or alongside one another in a display. One reason orchids make a perfect wedding day flower is because they maintain their fresh look for a long time without having to add water. This also .es in handy if you are getting married on a hot summer day. Cymbidium orchids are a popular selection as wedding flower, and for good reason. Varieties of cymbidium have large blooms in colors of pink, light green, white, and yellow. Their petals are robust and waxy, and do not dry out easily. They work wonderfully for cut flowers at tables, in your bridal bouquet, and floated in a vase. They may look fragile, but except in very extreme conditions, they will hold up well for your wedding. As marriage ceremony orchids, they can withstand a little rough handling, and are very resilient. The variety of color in Cymbidiums can accent and .plement everything and anything from the bridesmaid dresses, to the reception decorations. If a beach wedding is in your plans, your orchids will be a nice touch. Marriage ceremony orchids make a perfect choice for flowers at the beach. They mix and match wonderfully with the sand, surf, sea shells, and coconuts at a beach wedding. People will talk about the beach scene mixed with the fragrance and colors of your orchids. Some make wedding ceremony leis or headpieces out of orchids. Other popular wedding orchids are Dendrobium. These are known as the ‘Singapore Orchid’. Available in white and purple, these delicate flowers make excellent garlands and table decorations. Purple Vanda orchids are also popular wedding event choices. The allure of wedding ceremony orchids will add unforgettable glamour to the occasion. Phalaenopsis wedding ceremony orchids work wonderfully in bouquets. Orchids also look great in .bination with other flowers like roses and lilies. They are normally not used as cut flowers, however, since they are quite expensive. Greenery, crystals, lace, rhinestones, and branches can be added to orchid designs also. Whether your wedding theme is elegant, classy, simple, traditional, vibrant, or extravagant, orchids will fit the bill perfectly as your wedding flower. Even cake designers can include real orchids, which makes an incredible look. Your orchids can last for two or three more weeks after your wedding, so they can still look good after you get back from your honeymoon. The .bination of orchids and wedding is a natural match. The beauty and glamour of the orchids and the bride are an unbeatable .bination for a perfect wedding day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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